November 01, 2010

Shiseido Body Creator Aromatic Sculpting Gel

This is another Shiseido product that I have used in the past.  I bought it in 2004.  The lady who sold this to me said it would help tighten, firm, and smooth the appearance of cellulite.  At 23, did I really need it?

This isn't a review.  I'm just continuing on with the list of Shiseido products I've used before, while wondering to myself why Shiseido doesn't rank as high on my list of favorite brands.

As I was saying.  I bought this in the winter of 2004 for help with cellulite.  ~_@  What I remember liking about this gel is that it smelled like grapefruit and it smelled soooooo good!  I don't think it is meant to provide moisture because it's a gel and very light.  I also don't think it was meant to be used in the winter because it contains menthol in it which makes it very cold when you apply it to the winter.

I really liked the packaging.  Even though the sculpting gel was expensive, I think it lasted me a good 6 months.  I can't honestly tell if it did anything to my cellulite.  I looked the same, I felt the same, I was trying to lose weight through exercise and diet, and I wasn't paying that much attention.  The only thought I had was basically, "Every little bit helps."

Anyways, it's not a bad product to try and I wouldn't mind getting it again.  ^_^



"Smile on!"

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