October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010

Just for fun!  Hope this Halloween finds everyone well, safe, and happy!


October 30, 2010

Product Review: SK-II Whitening Source Derm-Revival Mask

Happy Halloween!

It is the end of October and I have finished the last of my SK-II Whitening Source Derm-Revival Mask last night.  I wanted to take my time and do a review of this product; however, I think that my first thoughts on this product still stand.

Read on for my first thoughts.

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October 4, 2010: First thoughts on this product

I really really underestimated the drive to Louisiana.  For doing nothing, it is really tiring.  Not only that, I tried to conserve my fuel by turning on the air conditioning when it got warm.  So the cabin temperature changed several times throughout the 5 hour drive.  Needless to say, my skin felt stressed when I got to Louisiana.  

Luckily, I thought ahead and brought this!

It is to be worn for 20-30 minutes to replenish the moisture in your skin and whiten at the same time.
It was hard to say if my skin looks whiter.  I couldn't tell last night, not even a little bit.  My skin felt cool to the touch, a little bit better, but it still felt stressed.  

It's the morning now.  I can't tell if there is a difference.  I didn't wake up feeling that my skin was lighter, paler, or brighter.  Maybe the stress of the drive there and the stress of the upcoming drive leaving Louisiana was manifesting on my face.  But the one thing I really enjoyed about the SK-II mask was that the serum seemed to absorb half way into my skin and the half that didn't get absorbed blocked my sebum producers.  

Do I have more of these masks?

I do!!!  I have more masks, so I will do an in depth product review later.  I haven't decided if I will attach it to this post or if I will create a new posting for the product review.  

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Back to today, the end of October.

So, yes, I'm a loyal and die-hard fan of SK-II.  ... ... ... But... ... ...

As far as the whitening aspect of this mask goes I haven't seen a noticeable difference with weekly usage of the mask.

After removing the mask and patting the rest of the serum into my skin, I've noticed that my skin is a little bit sticky, as if the serum didn't absorb completely.  This provides a protective layer over my skin during the night and keeps my skin supple, smooth, and moisturized.  An added bonus is that the serum seems to control my oil by 50%!!!

I feel as if there is some noticeable difference with how firm my skin becomes after using the mask.  It's not as dramatic as the Envie de Neuf mask, but I will admit that there is some firming action going on.  See my little scale here  :-P
       Not firm ------------------------SK-II----------EdN-----Firm

It really depends on your stress levels, I think.  The first time I used it, my skin was really stressed from the drive and the mask, I felt, revived my skin about 20%.  The other times when I've used it, I've been able to take a 20-30 nap and felt that the mask rejuvenated my skin about 80%.

I don't know if I would repurchase this mask...  I mean, it clearly has a lot of benefits; however, it misses on the whitening part and I would think the reason why people would buy this product is because it says "whitening" on it.


October 29, 2010

Product Review: Olay Age Defying Daily Renewal Cleanser

Olay Age Defying Daily Renewal Cleanser is one of those diamond in the rough products that don't get enough love.  A lot of companies will market their cleansers as THE magical cleaning elixir but I don't agree that it's one way or the high way.  I believe you can find great cleansers for a fraction of the cost.

My bottle of cleanser is 6.78 fl oz and I got it for less than $4.00 USD.  It has beta hydroxy complex with gentle microbeads to reveal fresher, radiant skin.  It claims the following:

- Cleanses by gently lifting away dirt, oil and make-up
- Renews and reveals by gently lifting away dull, dry skin to start reducing the signs of aging. Leaves skin noticeably soft and smooth the minute you cleanse.

My first thoughts upon using this product were 1) this doesn't lather at all!, 2) smells nice, like the old-school Oil of Olay lotions (from the 1980s) that didn't contain SPF, and 3) the microbeads are doing their job nicely!

Let's work this review by claims.

Yes, in my experience, this product is just as good a cleanser as any Shiseido, Purpose or Neutrogena cleanser.  It doesn't foam or lather because it's a cream cleanser designed to not strip the skin of its natural oils.  I use one pump of this product at the beginning of my shower to remove makeup, dirt, oil, and other impurities.  I use a second pump at the end to make sure that I've removed any residues.  I've done the toner-on-a-cotton-pad test and have been satisfied that my face is clean.  My favorite way to use this product is as a massage cream that happens to cleanse and exfoliate.

Renews and Reveals
I'm sure this part is talking about the microbeads.  The microbeads in this product reminds me of the micro particles in the St. Ives Timeless Skin Daily Microderm Abrasion, except not as densely packed.  The microbeads in the Olay product provide a good enough daily exfoliation to boost the efficacy of a once-a-week deeper exfoliation.  I'm not so sure if this can take the credit for reducing the signs of aging because I have other products in my regimen that also target anti-aging.  Therefore, take the anti-aging part with a grain of salt.  The combination of the exfoliating beads and the cream cleanser work to leave my skin feeling smooth and soft by the end of my shower.

This product has 16 ingredients and salicylic acid is the 6th ingredient.  I'm pretty confident that this is just a bonus for skin savvy people and that the product is not intended to be marketed as an acne control facial cleanser.  However, the salicylic acid can't hurt, right?

When I first started using this product I really was disappointed with the lathering aspect.  However, after using it for a couple more weeks, I've changed my mind about its performance.  It is just as good a cleanser as any of the Shiseido, Purpose, and Neutrogena cleansers I've used.

So, now, the loyalty test.  Would I repurchase this?  Yes, definitely!



"Smile on!"

October 28, 2010

Rediscovering Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream

With SPF 42 PA+++ in No. 23.

Isn't this picture amazing?  This is me at 7:55am.  The morning light gives me a soft focus glow, huh?  I've been getting a lot of breakouts both in the forms of blackheads and cystic acne.  I've been trying out several base makeup combinations to get the best coverage to prepare for the convention coming up.  

I don't like my MAC foundation too much because it's too yellow for my taste.  I've been diluting it with my moisturizer, but I think that dilutes it too much and the coverage is so sheer it doesn't do anything for my dark spots and sun/age spots.  Desperate, I picked up some oldies, like my bareMinerals foundation.  By itself it is an okay product with decent coverage.  For dark spots I find myself grabbing a smaller synthetic brush for spot concealing.

So today, I grabbed the Missha bb cream, got a healthy pump of product and blended it into my face, avoiding my nose area except for a very light application.  The product looks a little dark on my skin, but it blended into my skin so well it fair disappeared!  However, it provided some coverage to make my dark spots less garish.  I topped it off with bareMinerals foundation in Fairly Light.

Face: Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream, bareMinerals mineral foundation in fairly light

Blush: Neutrogena healthy skin blends sheer highlighting blush in healthy 26

Lips: Revlon Moisturestay Lipcolor in Malt 61

No eye makeups still because I'm trying to clear this eye infection.


October 24, 2010

Coffret D'or in 03 / Visiting Mr. P in September

Aren't these colors beautiful?  Like jewels!

I bought this palette from Sue Lynn for completing a 100-mile run.  She had this on her blog sale a couple months ago and when I saw it, I knew I had to have it.  I was so afraid that other people would buy this but thankfully I finished the 100 miles and immediately placed my order.  hehehe!

October 22, 2010

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

I think Vaseline makes some of the best stuff ever.  It's lasted for generations and will probably last for many more generations to come.

As the winter and dry air sets in, I find myself returning to this staple in my beauty and skincare regimen as a body moisturizer.  It is so versatile and works in so many different ways: moisturizer, treatment, lip conditioner, DIY projects, and even insect repellent.  I believe that this petroleum jelly is noncomedogenic because it's refined to cosmetic grade.  The trick to using Vaseline as a moisturizer without feeling like you dipped your body in oil is to use it sparingly.  Like makeup, it's easier to build up rather than slather on too much and try to take it off.  It absorbs easily and provides a protective barrier between my skin and dry winter air.

And this is so inexpensive, too!  I believe this cost me around $5 or $6 for this 13 ounce jar.  Anyways, there's not much more I can say about Vaseline that hasn't been said before.  This is a product that deserves more love than it gets.  

***For use as insect repellent: swipe Vaseline along the crack where the insects are coming in.***


October 21, 2010

Coffret D'or in 05

This beautiful palette is Coffret D'or in 05.  I can't read Japanese but I think it's pretty self explanatory if I call this copper or bronze.  I bought this palette from Sue Lynn when I had finished running 100 miles.  I'm waaaaayyy overdue on my next 100 miles, btw.  

October 20, 2010

All-over beauty: The easiest way to get gorgeous skin from head to toe

I came across this article today and thought it'd be nice to pamper myself.  However, sometimes I feel these types of articles is a shameless promotional plug for products, especially if only one or two products are listed.  However, that's my personal opinion.  LOL.  I am a terrible sales person.

While most of us make at least some effort to keep the skin on our faces clean, moisturized, and well-maintained, the rest of our bodies, and any specific skin issues, often fall into a state of at least semi, if not full-on, neglect.

Oh, no!  I am guilty of this!

That's a big beauty blunder, according to experts—since the skin, head-to-toe, is our largest organ, it's also one that can make us look inadvertently older and less healthy than we really are. "The skin differs, depending on where it is on the body," says dermatologist Maria Tsoukas, MD, PhD, an assistant professor at the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine, "so it requires specialized care."

You already know what the first two words from any credentialed pair of lips will be: "SPF 30". Beyond that, here's a guide to a full-body radiance:

Big Complaint: Fine lines and age spots
Expert Fix: Amidst the slew of products that promise youth, the one dermatologists agree you should try (at least if you're not going to see a doctor) is an over-the-counter moisturizer with the vitamin-A derivative Retinol–unless you're pregnant, in which case you should check with your doctor.  "Retinol exfoliates microscopically and helps the complexion look fresh," explains Pamela Jakubowicz, MD, a dermatologist at Montefiore Medical Center in New York. She also recommends lotions with soy for discoloration and old acne marks. "There are some studies to show that soy helps with sun spots," she says.

Big Complaint: Crêpe-paper texture
Expert Fix: "Oh, you mean the chicken skin?" asks Bella Schneider owner of LaBelle Day Spas & Salons in the San Francisco Bay area. "The first thing I recommend is to tone the neck muscles, because when you build volume, the skin tightens and you really get a lift."  To that end, Scott-Vincent Borba, a celebrity esthetician who has worked with AnnaLynne McCord and Ashley Greene, prescribes a daily exercise anyone can do:  Try to touch the tip of your nose with your tongue 50 times while massaging in moisturizer or cream using upward strokes to the jaw line.

Big Complaint: Mottled cleavage
Expert fix:  Poikiloderma of Civatte may sound like a comic-book villain, but it's actually the medical term for that reddish, spotty, crinkly skin between your breasts—the result of chronic sun exposure—and it affects the neck as well. "You can use face products here," says Heidi Waldorf, MD, associate clinical professor at Mount Sinai Hospital's department of dermatology in New York, "but more gently. Since the neck and chest have fewer oil glands than the face, start slowly with the retinols, and be sure to moisturize."  In a low-neckline emergency, redness-disguising self-tanner or bronzer can also save the day.    

Big Complaint: Back acne
Expert Fix: Cleanse once or twice a day with a drug-store wash containing salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. "These ingredients can help remove the oils from the skin, decrease inflammation, and reduce bacterial growth," says Andrea Cambio, MD, a dermatologist in Bokeelia, Florida. "Don't scrub because you can irritate grumpy bumps into a worse breakout." Jakubowicz notes that for the same reason, you probably shouldn't go any higher with the benzoyl peroxide than 2.5 %. She also suggests making sure that your hair products aren't somehow dripping on your back and contributing to the problem (Isopropyl myristate is one ingredient to look out for). And Waldorf adds that when you exercise, it's important to wear lightweight, moisture-wicking fabrics, and rinse off as soon as you're done. "If the problem persists," she says, "see a dermatologist because you may need a prescription cream or oral medication."

Big Complaint: Sandpaper elbows
Expert Fix: Exfoliate like a demon and smother with butter—that's the basic idea. Here you can scrub. And when you're done?  "Shea butter, cocoa butter, and Vaseline are great for these spots," says Jakubowicz. For extra softening, Schneider suggests covering your moisturized elbows with cellophane for 10 minutes. "I don't think anybody has more patience than that," she says, "unless you love to lie around and be wrapped."

Big Complaint: Old-lady hands
Expert Fix. Tsoukas tells her patients using retinol products on their face to rub the last little bit into the backs of their hands, although the skin there is thicker and more resistant to improvement. Schneider is a big believer in olive oil for beautifying the hands (use fine quality oil and rub into the skin thoroughly.) To address age spots, for those who don't want to use hydroquinone products, she suggests making a lactic acid lightening paste of whole milk, a little full-fat yogurt and a squeeze of lemon juice. "Massage into your hands really well," she says. "And then just stick them into a warmed pair of cotton gloves for about 10 minutes." 

Big Complaint: Stretch marks
Expert Fix: To be honest, there's no magic bullet here. Shea butter, cocoa butter, and Vaseline may help prevent stretch marks. Once you have them, though, they are very difficult to treat, says Tsoukas. Prescription-strength retinoids can help a little. Whether various lasers are worth it is debatable, but she has found that the Fraxel can lessen redness and improve texture.

Big Complaint: Ugly calluses
Expert Fix.  As designer heels teeter higher, our calluses grow thicker. Medicated salicylic acid pads (Jakubowicz suggests using 40%) can soften the really tough skin. For general care, manicurist Marsha Bialo, who's known for keeping the extremities of stars like Jessica Alba and Jessica Simpson camera-ready, has a routine. Start by soaking your feet in clean, soapy water and patting the skin dry. You'll need two foot files. These come in different grits—the higher the number, the finer the texture—and ideally, you want to start with a coarser file and finish with a softer one. "File gently," she coaches. "Rather than sawing back and forth, I like to go around and up, making a C motion, so I don't scar the skin."  After you polish the area smooth, massage your feet with moisturizer—you don't need anything fancy, A&D ointment for babies works wonders, Bailo says. "Women always forget to do this. But beautiful feet? What a kick."

So, it appears I have my work cut out for me!

Article link here.



"Smile on!"

October 15, 2010

Some oils are good!

Yes, some oils are good for you.  I got interested in natural and essential oils when I had a really bad acne breakout last year.  So, I just wanted to share my experiences and thoughts about natural and essential oils.

Some oils are better than others because they won't clog pores.  Jojoba oil is one such oil.  According to several articles I have read, jojoba oil is most like our natural sebum.  It also has antimicrobial properties, so it protects skin from bacterial and fungi that attack the skin.  I can't explain it very well, so I'll but the links to several articles at the end of the post.  Grapeseed oil is another such oil with great antioxidant properties.  It is also one of the oils that won't clog pores.  

In addition to the benefits of the base oil, you can mix in essential oils.  Essential oils are highly concentrated essences of the plant from which they came.  Because they are so concentrated, you only need a few drops to mix in with your base oil.  I bought the lavender and tea tree oil for their benefits.  Lavender has antimicrobial and soothing properties, the latter being the reason for its widespread use in aromatherapy.  Tea tree oil, as everyone and their dogs know, has antibacterial properties, which is why it is so commonly used in products related to acne.  I bought the bottle of rose oil on a whim because I really like the smell of it.  It makes me happy.

*Side note: Essential oils can blister through plastic.*  

The reason why I listed these under money saving tips is that natural and essential oils can do a lot.  I have used both jojoba and grapeseed oil (with essential oils) as moisturizer for face and body, makeup remover, cleanser (followed the OCM for a few weeks), acne treatment, aromatherapy, and massage.  Other possible uses for natural oils include hair and scalp treatment, in shaving, healing open wounds such as sores and blisters, etc.

For the uses I got out of natural oils, I could have eliminated several products out of my routine and be content with putting at most 3 ingredients on my skin every day.  The 4 ounce bottles of natural base oils cost me between $7 and $13 USD.  The essential oils cost between $11 and $17 USD per bottle, which can be pretty costly.  However, seeing as how essential oils are meant to be diluted into a base oil and are measured out by drops per ounce, essential oils can last a very long time.  

*Side note: Essential oils shouldn't be kept for years because they can turn rancid; there are no added preservatives.*

Aura Cacia is the brand, at Wholefoods, that seems pretty user friendly.  Their packaging is calming, nothing too weird, fanatical, or "out there."  Wholefoods carries other brands also.  

I have mentioned OCM.  OCM stands for Oil Cleansing Method, which you can read about here on the official OCM website.  A site dedicated to acne also mentions the OCM, which can be found here.  Whether or not you believe that you can use oil to fight oil is up to you.  I personally do like the OCM but only because I love my mixture of oil and I use it as a massage and mini-spa.  In small 3 ounce bottles, oils are the perfect travel-friendly skincare product.  Haha!

Links to the benefits of jojoba oil:

Links to the benefits of grapeseed oil:

The Aura Cacia website and info on essential oils:

October 11, 2010

Sisley Paris: Urban Garden Autumn / Winter 2010-2011 Make-up Look

Yay!  I just got my first Sisley Paris newsletter!  They are coming out with their Autumn / Winter looks and they are so nice!  I really want to buy some Sisley cosmetics but knowing how expensive they are, I may try to find cheaper dupes.  As a point of reference, I believe Sisley skincare products is at least, if not more, as expensive as the La Mer skincare products.

Here are some of the looks they created.  I have linked the makeup tutorials under each picture, just click on the name of the look.

This look is by far my favorite because it's so simple and I would wear this look every day of winter if possible.  This look is called Winter Casual and was created using the following:

Phyto Kohl Star in Dark Amethyst 07
Phyto Ombre Eclat Eyeshadow in Dune 3

Phyto Lip Shine in Sheer Toffee 10
Phyto Levres Gloss in The Glace 01

Phyto Blush Eclat in Peach Duo 1


This is my second favorite.  It is called Fall Casual.  This look uses the same technique as in Winter Casual.

Phyto Kohl Star in Dark Amethyst 07
Phyto Ombre Eclat Eyeshadow in Jungle 6

Phyto Lip Shine in Sheer Toffee 10
Phyto Levres Gloss in The Glace 01

Phyto Blush Eclat in Peach Duo 1


This look is called Fall Evening.

Phyto Ombre Eclat Eyeshadow in Jungle 6
Phyto Ombre Eclat Eyeshadow in Black Diamond
Phyto Kohl Star in Black Diamond 01
Sisley Touch in Copper Touch

Phyto Levres Gloss in The Glace 01

Phyto Blush Eclat in Peach Duo 1


This look is called Winter Evening.

Phyto Ombre Eclat Eyeshadow in Midnight Blue 15
Phyto Ombre Eclat Eyeshadow in Black Diamond
Phyto Kohl Star in Dark Amethyst 07
Sisley Touch in Copper Touch

Phyto Levres Gloss in The Glace 01

Phyto Blush Eclat in Peach Duo 1

I'm pretty sure the model would be wearing some base makeup and powder.  Part of the Urban Garden collection is this Instant Perfect primer? Concealer?  See the product and read about it here.  It doesn't have a color selection, so I must assume that this is clear.  But it says it highlights the eyes... sooo????

What I love about all these looks is how simple they are.  There aren't all that many complicated steps to looking glamorous and chic.  I'd definitely wear these looks on date nights!

October 08, 2010

MAC, my small collection

I used my MAC liquid foundation (Select SPF 15 Foundation, NC30... is mine Studio Fix? I don't know, the bottle doesn't say) today because I felt it was too dry to use a powder foundation.  The weather changed so quickly!  It seemed that I was crying about the heat and humidity only last week; however it is now cool and dry.  Anyways, I thought that since I still have some MAC liquid foundation, I might as well get around to having an "overview" post about the very few MAC products I own.  I'm going to include some personal opinions as well.

I have stated before that I'm not very fond of the MAC liquid foundations.  I believe these are too yellow-toned even for people with yellow undertones.  I was watching a bridal tutorial on youtube a while ago.  The artist (Pixiwoo from the UK) used a MAC foundation and she ended up looking yellow.  I mean, her makeup was still beautiful, but her skin tone changed.  I've noticed the same thing happening with me.  Additionally, my particular foundation oxidizes and dries to a matte finish very quickly, so I need to be very fast with application.  In terms of matteness and coverage, this foundation is really very good.  However, I just feel so ambivalent about this foundation, as if I could probably find a better product out there that wouldn't turn me yellower.

In my last posting regarding MAC (blush in Cubic, satin), I stated that I am not too impressed with the brand except to say that they're marketing genius in that they've created a universal color matching system.  Well, I must take back my thoughts on the blush.  The more I use it the more I like it.  The blush color does seem more mature to me because it's a deeper color and not something girly pink, like some other blushes I've seen.  As the weather turns cooler and drier, and my skin grows paler, I believe this blush color becomes more flattering on me.  So, my conclusion is that this blush is better suited for the Autumn and Winter seasons.

The eyeshadows I bought in April of 2008.  The lady at the counter helped me choose these because I wanted something natural for my presentation.  A friend helped the lady choose the eyeshadow in Rice Paper (frost) for my highlight.  I really like Rice Paper!  The texture is smooth (mine looks crappy because I dropped it and it broke and I tried to repress it) and it gives a nice satin finish.  Unfortunately, when I wear this in the summer when I'm at my oiliest, it looks too shiny by the 5th hour.

The pink eyeshadow (Sweet Lust, lustre) is actually quite nice.  It's difficult to see when I have it on (that's natural for ya!) but recently I've started to use it as a highlight color.  I believe that maybe using a soft eyeshadow brush is not the best tool for this eyeshadow because the color is too frosty and the shimmers don't adhere to my skin or the brush hairs.  Thus, I get a bit of fallout on my eyelids.

These brushes I also bought in April of 2008.  The angled blush brush / contouring brush (# 168) has been a staple for either face powder or more recently blushes.  It's nice and soft, I like it.  The eyeshadow brush (# 239)is nice, but for some reason, I don't really use it much.  I don't know why.  haha..

October 03, 2010

Kate Contrasting Eyes / Visiting Mr. P's sister in October

This is an FOTD and demonstration of blue eyeshadow on my skin.  I've never believed I could pull off a blue eyeshadow, but this is actually better than okay.  I'm please to note that I don't look like I've been punched in the eye.  Hahaha!

This is the final look, plus hair all done.  Apparently, I underestimated the 300+ mile drive to Mr. P's sister because I didn't feel as fresh I look in this picture.  

Product Review: Jill Stuart Powder Foundation SPF 15 PA++

I am reviewing the Jill Stuart Powder Foundation SPF 15 PA++ in 103 today because I've really put this foundation through a rough test.  Essentially, I wore this to go see Mr. P's sister in Louisiana.  Her home is roughly 340 miles away, which is a 4.5, 5. or 6 hours drive depending on your speed, the frequency of pit stops, etc.  Because this was a round trip, I have spent 11.5 hours of my weekend driving.

Jill Stuart is a brand of cosmetics that is available only in Asia (hence the reason I say Asia has the best variety of great products).  Apparently, in terms of powder foundation, Jill Stuart offers THE Powder Foundation, as well as a Smooth Silk Powder Foundation, and Moist Silk Powder Foundation.  I believe the sample I have is of THE Powder Foundation.  This brand's website is not obvious in the first Google search, so here is the link.

I only have a sample that Sue Lynn sent me a while ago, but I'm sure it has not lost any of its efficacy.  Also, the reason why I bring up the sample bit is that the packaging of my product is not the same as the full sized product.  So, judging by the picture above and by the opinions of other beauty gurus, Jill Stuart has a keen focus on quality of product AND packaging.

Anyways...  On to my review!

What I really like about this powder foundation is that it comes in compact form.  Unlike bareMinerals, this powder foundation is easy to carry around and travel with.  We all have our own preferred methods of application, but what I like about Jill Stuart's Powder Foundation over bareMinerals' Matte Foundation is that JS's comes with an application sponge.  This means that for travel, on the go touch ups, convenience, JS has one up over the others.  

Unlike cream-to-powder foundation, the Jill Stuart Powder Foundation is a real powder with excellent coverage.  I wouldn't say it is full coverage, but it is definitely a medium coverage or above.  In my experience, cream-to-powder foundation has the potential to become very cakey because it is easy to over apply.  I suppose that there is the potential for every foundation to be over applied, but I can't see how anyone could make the mistake of applying too much of JS's Powder Foundation.  If the coverage doesn't give it away, then the matte finish would give you the idea that there is foundation there.

And unlike liquid foundations, the benefit of this powder foundation is that because it already is a powder, you don't need to dust it off with a finishing powder.  

I applied this over the highest parts of my cheekbones, forehead, nose, and chin because in the pan it looks like it has some sparkles.  It's not full out glitter, but it definitely doesn't look like it would be matte on the skin.  However, when you do apply it to the skin, it goes on matte and sets to a satin finish so you get a nice fresh and dewey glow.  On my cheekbones, this is okay.  On my T-zone, this is not okay.  Jill Stuart's powder foundation does not absorb oil as well as my Physician's Formula pressed powders.

Regarding texture, I really like this powder foundation's texture.  It's powder, as I've stated, but the texture is very smooth.  I suppose the only way I can describe it is that it's a powder that is creamy on the skin.  It doesn't feel drying like some powders can feel when you first apply it.  And, although it is not recommended to touch your face after putting on your makeup, the skin feels a lot smoother where I have applied the powder foundation.  

How did it last on the drive to and from Louisiana?  Excellent.  Other than for shine in the T-zone, which is a problem created by my overactive sebaceous glands, the powder foundation lasts a long time.  In fact, I have gone through a couple of blottings now and my skin stills looks fresh and even-toned as when I first applied it.  

How do I rate this?  In terms of "very highly," "it's okay," or "I'll use it up and not buy it again," I'll rate this very highly.  I think that I will do my best to keep this in mind for my next batch purchase of cosmetics.  ^_^

I'll link my FOTD here for Jill Stuart Powder Foundation reference.

That's it!

October 01, 2010

Shiseido The Skincare

I'm continuing with the Shiseido products and product lines that I've used.  I really am quite surprised, given the amount of products I've used from this company, that the brand isn't something that I consider a Holy Grail.

I think I should not use the term Holy Grail anymore.  Medieval history is so violent with death over the meaning and symbolism of THE Holy Grail that it seems diminutive to use "Holy Grail" to talk about a beloved beauty/cosmetic item.  ... ...  Maybe this is my Medieval Studies kicking in, refusing to be forgot through the passing of Time?  ...  ...

Okay, random thought aside, Shiseido's products and product lines are really good.  They are geared toward different "ages" of skin.  The Skincare - I'm basing this off of information I've gleaned over the years - is targeted for working women who would be in the prime of their lives.

This is a quick overview of some of the products from The Skincare product line.  I may add my thoughts, but keep in mind please that this is not a review.

Purifying Cleansing Foam, 125 ml

A refreshing deep cleansing foam, with purifying granules, that effectively removes makeup and dulling impurities while retaining essential moisture.

・Contains purifying granules with a gentle exfoliating effect.

I probably used this before my skin's age was mature enough to use this product (before 24 years old), but I always appreciate a cleanser that says "purifying" on it.  At the time, I was still going through acne breakouts so anything that "purified" my skin was great.  

The Skincare line also has a Cleansing Massage Brush that is really soft and comfortable and everything nice, but I was too cheap to buy that.  That decision was to my detriment.  I still dream about it!

Hydro-Balancing Softener, 150 ml

A gentle, alcohol-free lotion that instantly softens and rehydrates the skin for enhanced suppleness.

Multi-Energizing Cream, 50ml

A luxurious restorative beauty treatment cream formulated with a complex of vitamins to intensively nourish, energize, and fortify skin in its fight against environmental stress and the visible signs of aging.

Excellent for all skin types, especially skin suffering from dehydration, dullness, or fatigue.

・Contains xylitol-enriched Phyto-Vitalizing Factor, a high-performance moisturizing and retexturizing agent that effectively softens fine lines and brings a noticeably younger look to skin.

I think the reason why The Skincare line didn't make a great impression with me was that I didn't realize that I had chosen the wrong type of moisturizer for myself.  I bought this because it said it would energize and nourish my skin...BUT it was way too rich for me to use every day and night.  When I think back on it, I probably should have just used it at night, but I was 22 back then and what did I know of skincare?  The Internet and YouTube was fairly new and not as informative as it is now.


Purifying Mask, 75 ml

A creamy, rinse-off facial mask formulated with Marine Mineral Clay to absorb dulling surface sebum and impurities and leave skin visibly refined and refreshed. Reveals radiant new skin for a more youthful look.

・Contains a unique combination of highly-porous Marine Mineral Clay, kaolin, and powder ingredients to absorb surface sebum and impurities and minimize the appearance of pores.

I don't remember much how the mask made my skin look and feel after using it but I remember I really LOVED this mask and I was VERY SAD when I ran out of it.  I think this is the one item from this line that I would go out and buy just to do a review of it.  Hahaha!

Protective Lip Conditioner SPF 10, 4g

A daily-care treatment that helps preserve the youthful appearance of lips through concentrated moisturizing and smoothing benefits and effective protection against UVA/UVB rays.

・Developed with exclusive Shiseido powder technology to give immediate visible improvement to lip radiance and tone.

I really liked the packaging.  It was metal, sturdy, and felt luxurious - the packaging, I mean.  With regards to the lip conditioner itself, I thought it was over priced, even if it did have SPF.  I think I paid $16 + tax.  If I had thought of it before, I would have saved the tube and inserted regular chap stick.  Ah, well, in my older age, I'm allergic to chap stick, so I have no idea what I'd use now.

Okay, this concludes this mini overview of The Skincare.  Looking through the website to get these blurbs and info, I really want to re-try some of these products and also pick up a few new items along the way.  Haha.  But I can't.  I need to get to 100 miles ran.


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