August 31, 2012

Birthday and Perseids Meteor Shower

Has another year really come and gone?  

Last year, Mr. P and I went to Carpinteria for my birthday and saw the Milky Way Galaxy.  This year, we went to the desert to look at the Perseids meteor shower.

Did we see them?  Yes, sir!  Mr. P tallied the count to over 2 dozen.  Then he read that if we had gone higher up in elevation, we would have seen about 100/hour.  So, next year, if we're lucky enough, we're going to do the whole camping expedition and see 100/hour!

Of course, we also saw the fantastic Milky Way Galaxy again, which looked 15 times larger than the Milky Way Galaxy we saw last year.  I did take a picture...

....but wouldn't you know, iPhones just don't capture stars in an almost pitch black environment.  :-/

Regardless, I feel so blessed!

Oh, by the way, top picture is my birthday FOTD.  I do have NYX false lashes on, that don't show up too well under the monolids.  Hrmmm......

For foundation, I don't have anything on except that Garnier under-eye roller thing with a little bit of tint.  Check out my July Skincare Routine post for the exact product.  

The improved condition of my skin in is a result of the Ann Karen facials.  Seriously, I'm developing a dependency issue with Ann Karen Spa!

Did anyone else see the Perseids Meteor Shower?

Have a great one!

August 29, 2012

T & J Pure & Natural Acne Control Cream

Hi All!  I very briefly mentioned this acne cream in my Ann Karen Spa post a couple days ago.  I wanted to share this product with you today.  However, please note that this is not product review post.  I've only been using it for about 2 weeks now but felt like it warranted an introduction.

Behold...  T & J Pure & Natural Acne Control Cream!

I use a cotton swab to dip into the product and apply on problem areas.  Problem areas are defined by active acne that are red, lumpy, and painful.

It smells like herbal, sulfur-ish medicine.  I don't mind the smell cos it disappears after a while.

For the 2 weeks that I've been using this on my acne, I have noticed several things:
1.  Inflamed and cystic acne calmed down and disappeared over the course of a few days.
2.  Hyperpigmentation faded faster, as if I had used Neosporin over the scars.
3.  It seemed to reduce redness wherever it was applied, even over my natural blush, resulting in a very oddly shaped natural blush on my face.  LOL.

Anyways, I'll update this post again later for a proper product review.  Right now, I'm just really excited about the fact that I can use this on my skin without my skin turning dry and flaky.

Thanks for stopping by!

August 14, 2012

July Skincare Routine

Hi Everyone!

Sorry that I haven't been really active on my postings as of late.  Things are picking up and I'm getting really busy with work.  It's also been really hot and humid in So. Cal., so much that I don't want to wear a lot of products on my face. 

This post is a little bit late, seeing as how July has come and gone, but I wanted to update my skincare routine and show you all what I've been using.

Since then, I have finished the Clinique Moisture Surge Refreshing Eye Gel.  I liked it a lot.

I'm almost out of these 3 products.  Maybe they'll finally make it into my August Finished! post.

I use the Garnier Nutritioniste all over my face, not just under my eyes.  I picked up the Proactiv Repairing Treatment again to spot treat some new acne, which I've since learned is due to bad digestion.

Mr. P and I are going to Taiwan to visit family in September.  While there, we'll be attending a family photo shoot and I really want to have decent skin.  So I've been getting facials done at Ann Karen Spa, which is really really nice and super luxurious.  My aesthetician is the one who told me about chin acne being indicative of bad digestion.

But anyways, this was the July routine, and I clearly will need to update with an August routine!

I hope you all are staying cool and hydrated this hot and muggy summer!

Jya ne!


August 01, 2012

Finished! July 2012

Hi Everyone!

Another month has come and gone so fast, yet this one Clinique Moisture Surge Extra Refreshing Eye Gel is all that I managed to finish.  This is the sample size.

Introspection time:  I have to admit that I just don't get as excited about buying "Clinique" as I do about buying SK-II or Sisley Paris or any new brand that catches my attention.  So it's always surprising how much I enjoy using Clinique's products, especially the Moisture Surge line.  I guess I can consider this brand a sleeper hit.  LOL!

This eye gel product has been especially helpful to me as we moved from Spring to Summer and my oily skin went into hyper-drive.  It's moisturizing without adding anything heavy or greasy to the eyelid and under eye area.  I wouldn't recommend using this when your skin starts to slow down its oil production in the Autumn and Winter, as it won't provide enough hydration to the eye area.

There's no fragrance, the gel is completely light weight and absorbs completely into my skin.  There's no SPF in it, so I have to remember to layer on some SPF after this.

I hope that my August Finished! post will be more populated with skincare products!

Do you have any sleeper hit skincare items?

Have a great day!

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