May 05, 2012

Product Review: SK-II Facial Treatment Clear Lotion


Hi All!  I'm back with another product review!  I feel like I haven't done a product review in a long time, so I am excited to do this one.  

Today's product review is on the SK-II Facial Treatment Clear Lotion, which I got from one of the duty free boutiques at the Taipei Int'l Airport.  I will be the first to admit that I always always always want SK-II to be in my skincare regimen.  However, there is always a difference between "want" and reality.  

Anyways, here's a caption from the SK-II website that talks about product claims and details.  I have linked the picture to the website, so if you feel like you want to buy it, click on the picture.

As always, my product reviews evaluate the product based on product claims (or the claims of the company's marketing department), and are 100% my opinion.  

Note:  The instructions say to use this product with a cotton pad.  I do follow the instructions for this product even though I think it is a waste of product.  It's $60.00!!!!

Removes residual impurities and dead skin cells
I think there are better products out there that can remove a whole lot more.  In a side-by-side test with witch hazel extract, the cotton pad soaked with witch hazel picks up a lot more of the residual makeup than the cotton pad soaked with SK-II Facial Treatment Clear Lotion.  That leads me to doubt whether or not the SK-II is as effective as it claims.

Contains a blend of AHAs and BHAs, as well as Pitera
I lean towards believing this claim.  I don't have any problems with breakouts and my skin feels nicely moisturized and plumped after using this product.

Gently exfoliates
On a chemical level, I know AHAs and BHAs help with exfoliating inside your pores.  Surface exfoliation is mostly attributed to the cotton pad.  I may sound cynical or sarcastic here but don't misunderstand me:  My skin feels smoooooth after using this product.

Improves the texture and tone of the skin
Yes, to texture for the reasons stated so far.  As for the tone, maybe that's an individual struggle because my face still looks blotchy color-wise.  I have bright parts of my face and my never-ending struggle with age spots.  Maybe the claims mean "tone" as in when we say someone is "toned"?  If so, then I'd have to say that the level of hydration I get with this product plumps up my skin so that it feels younger and a little bit firmer.

Refreshed feeling
Yes!  My skin feels like it took a deep breath of fresh air after wiping down my face with the Clear Lotion.

Healthy glow
YES!!!  My skin looks brighter and more glowy after using this!

Would I recommend this to others?  Yes, I would.  I think it's worth to try out once in your life-time.  

Would I repurchase this product?  Probably not.  I think the psychological constant of knowing that my witch hazel extract can strip off more residual makeup than the SK-II Facial Treatment Clear Lotion is the one and only factor for why I wouldn't repurchase this again, even though it works so well in all other areas.  Also... the price...  It's too hard to see $60 leave my hands so quickly.  

Below is some detail on the ingredients used in this product:

Thanks for reading!  If you have a different experience with this product, I'd like to know about it!  ^_^


jeanchristie said...

absolutely love this product! It clears up my pores so much

Linh said...

Great review! And I think the reason for you not wanting to repurchase this product is more than valid.

Kusanagi said...

@jeanchristie: This product does work wonders in all areas. If only it wasn't so expensive!! I'm glad it works so well for you!

@Linh: Thanks Linh! It's all the psychological effect, imo. But I think if I hadn't had done that test, I would be lemming for it again. Can you imagine what my experience would have been like if I had gotten the clarisonic mia sooner??!?! XD

Gummy said...

I received a really large sample bottle of this when I recently purchased the Facial Treatment Essence. Tried it tonight for the first time. I was worried about wasting product as well, but I split a Shiseido Facial Cotton in 1/2. Ended up not having to use much product at all since there wasn't a ton of Cotton to soak it all up instead of my skin. I read a ton of reviews before, but after reading yours tonight I'll have to keep an eye on how much residual stuff it's removing.

I know it's the first time, but I was shocked at how calm and moisturizing it felt...but not emollient moisturizing, more like how my skin first feels after spraying Avene Thermal Water (before it evaporates). Along with the FTE my skin felt amazing!

Awesome review!!

G. McG

Kusanagi said...

@Gummy I definitely agree with you that my skin felt like it got a drink of water after using it. I think that if you remove your makeup the proper way, with makeup remover followed by cleansers and such, this might actually be THE product for you. :-D


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