September 14, 2011

Swatch Fest 05: Stila Lip Glazes

Hi All!

So, I've had these Stila Lip Glazes since the beginning of 2011 and am finally getting around to opening, swatching, and using them.  The reason for the delay was that I wanted to go through the Tarte lip glosses first (however futile that endeavor may be). 

Maybe I should make it clear that I don't have a huge collection of skincare and makeup stuffs, nor do I want one!  It's pointless to me to have items just sitting around unused (especially in a recession!), you know?  However, I did just go on a spending spree last month and have managed to amass quite a bit of this-and-thats.

Digression aside, the swatches I did of the Stila Lip Glazes are about as true to life as I can get them.  I tried taking pictures in artificial and natural light.  Let me just preface that I cherish everything that Mr. P gives me; however, the Stila Lip Glazes are not my most favorite lip products to date.  I enjoy the shine, the sheer color, the scents, the variety, and am okay with the stickiness of the glosses.  However, I do not enjoy the tube/brush twist-and-click form because it makes me feel like I really need a mirror for precise application.

Anyways, please be prepared to be bombarded by up-close pics of my Stila-fied lips.  :-P

Mr. P bought this at Costco back in Jan/Feb 2011.  Cost: $30-ish USD.

Colors: Apricot, Grapefruit, Kitten, Merry merry, Guava, Seashell, Majesty
It's okay.  I like Apricot more than Grapefruit.

It's okay.

I like Kitten's golden glow.  For me, I think Kitten will be more appropriate for summer and autumn.
In romance novels, the heroine achieves a beautiful flush just as she's about to be seduced by the hero.  Beware, ladies!  I think Merry Merry mimics said flush quite well!
This is like Kitten but with more peachy/pink hues to it.  Looks totally natural and beautiful!
Majesty and Merry Merry are quite similar with the heroine's flush look.  But I think I like the way Majesty wears a little more.  Looks luscious!

Seashell is like Apricot and Guava.  Not that bad!

I think you can't go wrong with any of Stila's Lip Glazes.  They are versatile enough to be worn alone or over lipstick.  They're a bit on the sticky side for me, which I'm not really crazy about, but the upside is that they last a long time!  These aren't super moisturizing, but they'll do in a flash.

Thanks for reading!
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