February 03, 2013

Wen Cleansing Conditioner (First Impressions)

Hi Everyone!

I'm here with an update to the Wen Cleansing Conditioner.  I bought this mid-January to help deal with the hair that got damaged when I dyed it last year.  I was very hesitant to invest in a $32.00 bottle of cleansing conditioner, but it's supposed to take the place of shampoo and conditioner.  Additionally, some reviews I read on Makeup Alley said the product made hair fall out and left a greasy residue in your hair.  I will address both of these concerns in my post.  For now, some pictures.


So, I'm going to picture out my hair care routine with the Wen Cleansing Conditioner.  


I use only 6 pumps of the product.  I wouldn't use the recommended 10-15 pumps because I don't think I need it and I don't want such an expensive product to run out so quickly.

I focus the majority of this product at my roots and scalp.  I massage it all over my scalp for 3 minutes and pull the product through the rest of my hair.

Some people said this product weighed their hair down and left greasy residues.  Yes, it happened to me after the first day.  But I've learned the trick is to rinse out the conditioner completely.  I flip my head upside down and rinse from my nape to my forehead, then I flip my hair right side up and rinse from my forehead to my nape.  Then I split my hair like I'm doing a half up and half down pony tail and focus a lot of rinsing at the crown of my head.  

Rinsing this way, my hair does not feel sleek or soft like when I use regular conditioner.  In fact, it still feels tangled up.


This is what my hair looks like after being towel dried.  It clearly looks like a tangle mess.  But looks are a little bit deceiving.  I've noticed that the tangles I work through when using Wen are less intense and less painful than the tangles I had after using regular shampoo, conditioner, and the Nuance leave-in treatment.

My recommendation is to work through the tangles with a wide-tooth comb before blow drying.

As far as hair loss goes, I haven't noticed any difference in the number of strands I lose in the shower.  It looks like I've lost the same amount as always.  


This is what my hair looks like after blow drying.  I just used my fingers to blow dry before brushing my hair into place.  

So, what are the results?

My hair is sooooo soft and doesn't get as many tangles as it did before.  I'd also say the feeling I get at my scalp is a light and airy feeling.  My hair feels like it has better movement and more volume at the top.  The one time I didn't completely rinse out the cleansing conditioner, the hair at my crown looked like it was greasy but it still had a light and airy feeling.  

As far as color retention goes, I don't think this conditioner retains color any better than a shampoo/conditioner set made for color treated hair.

I feel that this product is doing a well enough job at keeping my hair clean.  My hair still gets greasy after 24 hours, so this product doesn't have magical cleansing properties.  :-P

I'll follow up in a few more weeks.  If my opinions don't change, consider this the official Product Review.  

Has anyone else used Wen and what do you think of it?

Thanks for stopping by and thanks to Mr. P for being on call to take these photos of my head.  


February 02, 2013

Kusanagi's February Beauty Box

Hi Everyone!

The goal to use down my makeup stash by limiting myself to a few makeup items per month continues.  I have to admit, that I got bored with my January beauty box and opted to go several days without makeup at all.  I figured my boredom came about from a lack of color, so for February, I decided to use a palette with a lot of color.  

So, here are the items in my February beauty box, brushes not included.


So, wish me luck on sticking to this regimen!

Is anybody else doing this?  


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