February 28, 2011

Beauty 101 from Allure Magazine (March 2011)

*A just-because post*

LAX did a poor job of remodeling Tom Bradley Int'l Terminal.  They remodeled the look but did not improve streamlining the customs and baggage claim areas.  I was there last night to pick up my brother but ended up waiting 2.5 hours for him to get through all that.

During the wait, I purchased the $5.00 March 2011 issue of Allure Magazine.  I haven't finished reading it yet, but I did get to these couple of pages that feature beauty tips and tricks to improve whatever it is one wants to improve.  I believe you can click on the pictures, which will take you to a page that expands the view.

Target areas: lashes and volumizing my flat/fine hair

Target areas: acne-free complexion and anti-aging

Target areas: hands and body

My initial thoughts on these magazines:
1.  Wow!!!!!  So dedicated to beauty!!!!
2.  There's a lot of temptation to buy featured products.
3.  Great tips on how to maximize beauty routines.
4.  Should I subscribe???  Yes?  No?  Maybe???

Well, I just wanted to share a little bit of my new discovery and some pages out of the March 2011 issue of Allure magazine.  Enjoy!

February 21, 2011

Tarte Jewelry Box - DEPOTTED!!!

I haven't used my Tarte Jewelry Box as much as I wanted after moving back to Los Angeles.  When I lived in Dallas, I had a lot of counter space in my bathroom that I could devote to this megabox.  But in Los Angeles, where space is a commodity, I don't have the luxury so the TJB has been in storage.

[Tarte Jewelry Box review here]

Well, I finally received my Z Palettes and I can't wait to make my Tarte products be more accessible by getting rid of that bulky packaging!  Mr. P is helping me with this project by watching the flame and taking the pictures.  *There is something comforting about a man who supports his woman's hobby, right?*

[Z Palette review here]

This is a very picture heavy post on how I depotted the Tarte Jewelry Box to make the products easier to access. 

Just a brief couple of words of caution, I used the flame method to depot the Tarte shadows.  For anyone reading this and getting ideas, please use caution and common sense.  For youngsters, please have a parent or guardian supervise you.  I will not be held responsible for any injuries or damage anyone/anything sustains. 

February 19, 2011

DIY tinted lip balms

Turning unusable lipsticks into useable lip balms.

As you can see from the side bar, I have a lot of lipsticks.  True, I don't have A LOT in comparison to other beauty gurus on Youtube, but I don't want to keep a collection of lipsticks that are unflattering on my lips and skin tone.  These lipsticks costs me money and I don't want to keep these for another couple years and then toss them out.  That's money wasted, which gets on my nerves.  So, my solution is to turn them into lip balms.

Now, I'm allergic to lip balms.  This only happened in the past 4 years that I've developed a reaction to lip balms.  So I have to use Vaseline or petroleum jelly.

Today's target: Revlon Moisturestay in Perfect Pink # 45.

What I went ahead and did was to remove the lipstick from the tube and melt it in an aluminum foil sheet over a candle.  I added a scoop or 2 of petroleum jelly (the number of scoops depends on how sheer or opaque I'd like my balm to be).  I stirred the melted lipstick and petroleum jelly then poured it into my little container.

Looks very pretty in the bareMinerals sample jar.

It looks pigmented in the picture but it's actually very very sheer.  It provides just a hint of color.  

And there you go:  DIY tinted lip balms made with lipsticks you bought but don't use.

February 13, 2011

Product Review: Z Palette

I received my Z Palettes in the mail!  I'm going to break with tradition and do a product review on this product.

8" x 5"

Not very deep.  May be a problem for some taller pans.
 My inital thoughts:
1.  Why do these things look so big online but are so disappointingly small in real life???
2.  Wow! This is a lot heavier than I thought. It has some real weight to it.
3.  It feels nice and sturdy. The clear plastic lid isn't flimsy, but it's not a stiff as the UNII palette.
4.  It doesn't look as deep as the UNII palette, so I can imagine for e/s with deeper pans this could be a problem.
5.  Magnet closure is strong. Wonder how the steel plate will handle the Adhes-A-Mag sheets.
6.  How sucky! It the palettes didn't come with a complementary sheet of magnetic sheets.
7.  Can not, will not, should not put cream products in Z Palettes.  Can not, will not, should not put this in a highly humid area. There are gaps between the lid and the sides of the palettes.

Z Palette and UNII palette compared.

 ***Read my UNII Palette review here***

Compliments of Mr. P.

Since the Z Palette doesn't come with a sheet of adhesive magnetic sheets, Mr. P was kind enough to give me his.  The difference between Adhes-A-Mag and the adhesive magnetic sheets that come with the UNII palette is that the magnet from Adhes-A-Mag is a lot thinner and not as strong as the UNII magnet.  However, for the purpose of having my e/s packed and crammed into the Z Palette, this works.

The steel plate on the Z Palette seems like it could be an alloyed metal because it doesn't seem to attract the magnets as strongly as the steel plate in the UNII palette.

The magnets that keep the Z Palette closed are pretty strong.  However, there are gaps between the lid and the sides, especially if you have taller pans.  My solution was to put the taller pans in the center, where the lid has a little give, so that the lid could close as best as it can.  I dare not put any cream products in the Z Palette because they'll dry out.

Would I repurchase the Z Palette?  I actually will be making a purchase for my 3rd palette because I need one more to accomodate my Tarte Jewelry Box's depotted products, so YES!  However, I believe that the Z Palette is good for powdered products (as long as you don't store it in a humid area), and storage purposes.  For travel and even my daily use, I prefer and trust the UNII palette more. 

I'm still working on depotting the Tarte Jewelry Box, but when I'm done, I'll put the link [here].

February 09, 2011

Product Review: Purpose Gentle Cleansing Bar (Johnson & Johnson)

6 oz., $3.50-$4.00 @ Wal-Mart
I'm phasing out of liquid cleansers to bar cleansers.  Ever since I tried the Basis Sensitive Skin Bar soap, I've developed a real liking for this type of affordable and long-lasting cleansing products.

The Claims
~Dermatologist recommended.
~Gentle Cleansing.  This mild, effective lathering bar removes dirt and oil without over-drying.
~Hypoallergenic.  Even those with sensitive skin can use it twice a day for a healthy looking, healthy feeling complexion.
~It won't clog pores.  Unlike some beauty bars, PURPOSE (R) Gentle Cleansing Bar is 100% oil-free and non-comedogenic, so it won't clog pores or leave residue.

Purpose Gentle Cleansing Bar ingredients: sodium tallowate, sodium cocoate, water, glycerin, fragrance, sodium chloride, BHT, trisodium HEDTA, yellow 10, orange 4.

***I review products by the claims they make.  My product reviews are 100% my opinion.***

Gentle Cleansing
Yes, the bar seems to be as good as the liquid version at cleansing without overdrying or making my skin feel tight and stripped of my natural moisture.  I am still not very convinced of how well it cleans eye makeup, but for my purposes, this is very gentle on my skin.  When it comes to differences between the Purpose bar soap vs. the Purpose liquid cleanser, I would have to say I prefer the Purpose liquid version because I feel that it cleans off ALL my makeup.  [Read my review of the liquid version here.]

Hypoallergenic / for sensitive skin
I believe this is good for sensitive skin.  To date, I have not had a reaction to using this bar soap.  One thing I will note is that it hurts terribly when it gets in your eye.

Won't clog pores / won't leave residue
I haven't had a problem with my pores getting clogged with this product.  Unlike the Basis bar soap, in my experience, the Purpose bar doesn't leave a residue behind.  HOWEVER, my thinking is leaning toward the quality of water you use.  In Dallas, I felt as though the Basis bar soap left a waxy residue behind on my face.  The water I used in Dallas was hard water.  When I use Basis bar soap in Los Angeles, I don't feel the waxy residue anymore.  The water I use in Los Angeles is soft water.  [Read my review of the Basis bar soap here.]

Would I repurchase the Purpose bar soap again?
I'm not looking to repurchase this baby.  I don't feel like it removes all my makeup as well as the liquid version.  But I think that if you are in the habit of using a separate makeup remover, this product could work for you.  You'd save a lot of money because the bar soap will last a lot longer than the liquid version, and you could also use this as a hand soap.  I'm a fan of multi-purpose products that are affordable and last a long time.

February 02, 2011

Product Review: Korres Yogurt Cream

1.35 oz, $32.00 @ Sephora
Korres Yogurt Cream is a velvety moisturizing cream for oily and dehydrated skin (yes, it is possible to have oily skin that is dehydrated).

Ultra-soothing, oil-free cream for long-lasting hydration and comfort to oily, yet dehydrated skin.  Yogurt, a natural source of lactose, proteins, minerals and vitamins, instantly hydrates and relieves dry skin areas.  Vitamin E, Olive oil and Macadamia provide essential antioxidant protection.  The naturally-derived, xylitol and glucose complex binds water molecules and restructures the cells of the epidermis.

Contains Yogurt (full fat 10%), Wheat Starch, natural vitamin E, Olive oil concentrate, Macadamia.

Dermatologically tested; Silicone free; Mineral oil free; Propylene glycol free; Ethanolamine free.

Recommended usage: after cleansing and within 6 months of opening.

Ultra-soothing, oil-free cream for long-lasting hydration
This cream feels good on my skin for a night cream.  It moisturizes without feeling greasy.  It absorbs into my skin and feels light weight.  It sometimes feels like it doesn't moisturize enough but I wait 30 minutes and then everything is okay.  It lasts throughout the night for me.  I haven't had any reactions, such as redness, sensitivity, acne, to this product.  Hopefully it stays that way!!!

Instantly hydrates dry skin
When I first start blending/massaging this into my skin it feels smooth and rich.  Then the product starts to get absorbed and blending starts to feel like I'm tugging on my skin.  Once product is fully absorbed, my skin feels hydrated without the usual greasy feel that products with mineral oil can impart.  This product feels like it gets half absorbed into my skin and the other half sits on top of my skin to provide a barrier between my skin and the outside air.  It dries to a very smooth, non-sticky finish.

Restructures cells of the epidermis
Hmmm...  I honestly don't know what restructured epidermis cells look like, but I've noticed some improvement to my skin.  My skin looks a tiny bit more luminous and smoother, fine lines seem to have stopped developing into full blown wrinkles, my forehead looks a bit more youthful, and my skin seems to be more even toned.

I am not fond of jarred products.  The glass jar is nice, but I'm forced to dip my fingers into this jar to get the product out.  One slip-up and this product is contaminated, so I'm forced to be extra vigilant about what I touch before opening this jar.  I'm also not happy with the amount of product in relation to price and the minimum amount I have to use to feel like this product is working.  I feel as if I have to use a nickle-sized amount to get good coverage on my face and neck.  For that usage amount, I will definitely run through 1.35 oz and $32 too quickly to feel good about purchasing a second jar for $32 + tax.

I would definitely use this product again but only if they either increased the amount of product or lower the price for the current amount of product.
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