February 27, 2012

Simplified Daily Skincare Routine as of Feb. 2012

Hi All!  I wanted to share my simplified skincare routine that I started using in January and will probably use going into March.  As you know, skincare is something that I enjoy and I find that half the fun of skincare is trying new products.  But as I get older, I'm finding new things to which I've developed sensitivities or allergies.  So the inconvenience of getting older is that I am becoming more conscious and afraid to try new things because I don't want to spend money on products that will make me break out or develop eczema-like symptoms.  Thus, I have had to cut back on what I put on my face in order to keep my skin in balance.

This is all that I'm using for my daily skincare, minus my cleansers.

I am really proud of the fact that what I'm using for my daily skincare fits into this St. Ives apricot scrub jar.  It cuts down on counter space, which in California is a precious commodity and makes Mr. P happy that he doesn't have to look at all my clutter.

I think I will make it my 2012 goal to keep my skincare items contained to this St. Ives jar.  I believe doing this would make it easier for me to use up my skincare products and to keep our vanity clean.

Above:  I filled up this Clinique spray bottle with SK-II Facial Treatment Essence.  This is much more convenient for me as I can get a light mist all over my face, then pat the rest in.  Also, it keeps the product in the main bottle from being too exposed to air.  I use this day and night.

Above:  I put this Merle Normal Day Creme with HC-12 in this SK-II pump bottle.  I will have a review on this product later.  I use this day and night.

Above:  This is the Chanel Precision UV Essentiel I use in the mornings for sun protection.  I will also have a review on this product coming up.

Above:  This Skin Food bb cream is a product that I love to use for winter because it matches my winter skin tone.  As much as I love it, I'm also glad that I'm almost done with this product because I have a lot of bb creams, foundations, and tinted moisturizers behind this that I've got to use up.

Above:  This Garnier roller ball stick is filled with tinted undereye cream.  I originally bought it for Mr. P because there was a time he had really dark under eye circles.  He only used it once at home and then never again.  It's okay because I started using it.  *haha*  Anyways, when I get really lazy or am really strapped for time, I sneakily use this product as an all-over tinted moisturizer.  If I really timed blending this or the Skin Food bb cream, they probably take about the same time, but it just seems easier to roll this over my face like a marker.  ^_-

So, other than following up this with makeup, what you see here is my skincare routine!  Really, really simple!

February 23, 2012

Elizabeth Arden White Glove Skincare Fortifying Capsules

Hi All!  I hope you're having a good day!

Today's post is going to be a little bit different because I trying to sell this product.  This is the Elizabeth Arden White Glove Skincare Fortifying Capsule.

I'm selling the bottle and capsules in this box. 

 It comes in capsule form that you can twist off and use all or half (depends on you).  I personally like this type of product because the small capsules help keep most of the product fresh, as opposed to opening a large jar and exposing the entire thing to air.

It's feels silicone-y like all the face primers I've ever used, including the Monistat anti-chafing gel.  It's supposed to help brighten and even out your skin tone and, over time, it's supposed to help diminish age spots.

I can't say anything about how this works because I couldn't commit to using this product.  The reason is that I'm allergic to something in this product that causes me to break out.  In fact, one of the last times I broke out was during my Proactiv skincare experiment.  I only just figured out that I was allergic to something because of this timeline:

1.  I stopped using EA White Glove capsules when I went to Taiwan (Jan. 1-18 this year)
2.  Noticed cystic acne slowly disappearing and no new ones.
3.  Came back to the States and started reusing (Jan. 20-31 this year)
4.  Noticed new acne.
5.  Stopped using EA White Glove capsules on Feb. 1.
6.  Noticed acne healing and disappearing and no new ones.
7.  Got my woman's monthly and NO ACNE to go with it!!

THEREFORE, I must be allergic to something in this product.

This product has already been sold.

Thanks for reading and participating!

February 22, 2012

February 2012 FOTD - Smokey Cranberry Plum ... ... maybe

Hi All!  Since my last video on easy neutral work-appropriate eyeshadow looks, I've had a hankering to change things up a little.  I'm too shy right now to venture into blues and am pretty comfortable staying in the reddish hued family.

So, I switched out my Coffret D'or 05 palette and slipped some Tarte Jewelry Box and WnW Lust shadows into my UNII palette and here is the look that changes things up just a little.

Above: Natural light, no flash. 

This look features more fruit.  A soft peach shimmery e/s for highlight, a blended out cranberry iridescent e/s for the lids, and a dark plum purple e/s for the liner.  The dark purple is a lot darker than the darkest shade from the Coffret D'or 05 palette and really adds some punch to the look.

I'm really loving this Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus mascara.  My lashes have visibility that they never - let me repeat, NEVER - had before.  They're so prominent that they hold up my monolids and presto!  I have double lids!

Above: florescent lighting, no flash

I dyed my hair this past weekend.  I haven't gotten used to it.  Every time I see myself in the mirror, two thoughts run through my head.
1.  I look younger and still more sophisticated.
2.  I could be a live Himura Kenshin!

Himura Kenshin from the anime Rurouni Kenshin

Above: florescent lighting, with flash

With flash, my face is a totally different color from my neck.  I knew in my head that SPF casts as a white hue on your skin when you have flash photography.  But I didn't know it was THAT extreme.  Ah well, I'm just going to work so all's well.

Have a good day!

February 12, 2012

Everyday Work Makeup

Hi Everyone! 

I've finally posted another video on Youtube!  Here is the video on how I achieve my everyday work makeup. 

Argh!  I hate that Youtube won't give me more flattering pictures to use as my video thumbnail.  :-(

Anyways, here is the video and I hope you enjoy it!

February 11, 2012

Battle Mascara 6: Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus vs CoverGirl Exact Eyelights

I think this is my new favorite mascara!  It does everything CG Exact Eyelights does and does them better...except for the sparkles.

When I compare the overall effect of retaining lash curl throughout the day, both mascaras perform superbly well.  My lashes retain their curl throughout the entire day and even through evening workouts at the gym.  Smudging is at an absolute minimum.  I've been using the MM Lash Expander Frame Plus without using a primer and the raccooning at the end of the day is so faint that I'm not bothered by it at all. 

Regarding the overall effects of making my lashes visible from a comparable distance through volume and length, I have to give a lot of points to Lash Expander Frame Plus.  The formula has these little hair fibers in it that stick to your lashes and add volume and length.  It doesn't matter if the hair fibers go on straight or not when you apply it with the flat side of the wand because the fibers straighten out when you comb through your lashes with the curvy side of the wand.

However, because the wand is so uniquely shaped, I feel that the propensity toward clumping is a lot greater with Lash Expander Frame Plus.  When I compare how Exact Eyelights performs with regards to clumping, I feel that CG wand performs a lot better to keep my lashes separated.

Finally, with regards to removing mascaras at the end of the night, you should know that I do not use waterproof eye makeup remover!  I use my all time go-to makeup remover and face cleanser, Johnson's Head-to-Toe Baby WashCG Exact Eyelights leaves my lashes crisp and crunchy, like old-fashioned hairspray.  MM Lash Expander Frame Plus doesn't make my lashes as crunchy.  But both are demmed hard to remove!  Essentially, I wash my face 3 times and rub my lashes with J's baby wash each of the 3 times to remove the mascaras.  My hypothesis is that if the mascara is so hard to remove, then it's going to stay put and not smudge all day long. :)

Here are some close up pictures of my lashes.

My lashes are naturally short and not helped by my thicker monolids.  However, I'm converting my thought patterns that it IS possible for my lashes to be visible!  It IS possible for my lashes to look not just good, but REALLY good!  :-D

Here's a FOTD to finish off this post. 

This is what the actual eyeshadow looks like.

That's it!  Hope you all have a great weekend!

February 04, 2012

Product Review: Mentholatum Acnes White

Mentholatum Acnes White: Medicated Clear & Whitening Wash

 I'm back with another product review on a brand and product that I've only found in Asia.  Being so, I should warn you that I cannot read Chinese or Japanese, so I'm a little out of luck in telling you what the product claims are.  The only thing I can tell you is that this tube of face cleanser deals with acne and whitening.

I discovered Mentholatum's Acnes product line a couple years ago (2009 or 2010) and have been hooked since!  Their acne washes are really gentle yet thorough.  So, let me get on with my thoughts on this.

For the record, my skin does react to a lot of different products in ways that it never reacted when I was younger.  I battle with adult acne on a seasonal basis.  I do want to keep my skin lighter so those pesky age spots won't show up so badly!  Okay, and now, the review!

Thick like toothpaste.  Smells a little lemony.  Goes on like paste, but foams up with water and the longer you massage it into your skin.

Immediate Aftereffects
Skin is squeeeeeaaaaky clean but does not feel overly dry.  Skin looks a tad brighter and a smidgen whiter, but comes back to normal after a few minutes.

Long-term Aftereffects
Less new acne.  Shrinking and calming of current acne.  Some hyperpigmentation spots seem to be less noticeable. 

Okay, I think this is it for my product review.  I've been using it since the beginning of January when I was in Taiwan.  I have 2 more tubes as backup.  Considering that I did not want to spend any more money on skincare, and given how much I love Johnson's Head-to-Toe Baby Wash, you can tell that I really really like this cleanser.  LOL.

Would I recommend it?  HECK, YEAH!!!!

When I go back to Taiwan, I will make it a point of restocking enough of these to last me a year or more!

February 01, 2012

Taiwan 2012

Oh, MY!  I forgot the most important pictures of all!!!!

While in Taipei, my cousin and I went to the famous (or infamous) Modern Toilet restaurant.  While the decor is outa-this-world unusual, going to the actual restroom was nerve racking!  Basically, from the dining area, you could see all the way inside the rest room and see the urinal and the hole-in-the-floor toilet.  There is a door of course for privacy, but until you use it, you don't really appreciate how nice it is to have a separate little foyer before you get into the area where you do your business.

The sink for washing your hands is outside in the no-man's-land between the dining area and the rest room.  Obviously, it is clearly visible to all the diners.  The sink is a faucet attached over a toilet.  The toilet sink was clogged, so that wasn't really pretty.  Anyways, here you go!

And also, my family and I attended a political fundraiser for one of the senators from the southern Tainan district.  He ended up winning his seat (Green Party), which is the rival party to President Ma's party.  Here is a picture of my dad at the event.

Original Post: January 20, 2012

Let me first say that 2012 is a year of new beginnings for myself, Mr. P and our respective families.  Whatever happened in the past has been hakuna matata-fied.  We are moving forward, and that is the most important thing!

My trip to Taiwan was unexpected, but I enjoyed being able to get together with my cousins.  I haven't seen most of them since 2009!  It always amazes me how much they've grown because I remember them all when they were babies.  LOL.

And now, for the pictures!

Stinky Tofu, Tainan Style

I'm a low key person.  This is my style when I think of authentic ethnic cuisine!
Yummy!  The perfect mix of stinkiness and flavor!
I don't know why this is sideways.  Either way, the food looks great!

Gen Du Yuan Teahouse

First time with my family.  This was the view outside the tatami room

Mom and me with our hot pots.

Second time with my cousins and brother.  Carp feeding frenzy.

Beautiful cousins Jhua (left) and Yuugen (right).

I credit both these ladies with making my life in TW good 10 year ago.

Bro rarely gets the chance to hang out with Jhua, so this is a RARE picture-tunity.


I dunno why my pictures are coming out weird and sideways like this.

Dad's cousin used to fish for carp here.  There is only ONE carp left.

Temple garden with Yuugen.


The dangers of being illiterate.  That red eye lasted the whole day and night!
Finished this.  Didn't think it did much.  Read the review here.
Everyday eye makeup, the same 3 colors day in and day out.  haha  :P  See the Coffret D'or compact here.
So much for not spending money on skincare products!  Resolutions broken within the first 2 weeks of 2012!  *sighs*

So, that's really it for this post.  I hope to be able to share more This and That's with you all later, and also some good news!  Of course, I can't leave things without a picture of my family.  :-)

At the Dutch fort (whose name I forgot) at An Ping in Tainan.

Out of curiosity, how many of you have broken your New Year Resolutions already?
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