May 16, 2011

Battle Mascara: NYX Doll Eye Waterproof vs Lancome Definicils High Def

Battle Mascara!  I'm on a quest to find the perfect mascara that will deal with length, volume, curl, and smudginess.

Here are some of my pictures.  The lighting isn't the very best, so I apologize in advance.  I took the pictures after a long work day just to have pictures.  My opinions expressed in my cloud bubble battle were formed over time.  Oh, maybe this is important: I usually just put 1 coat of mascara on and didn't feel like deviating from the norm for these pictures.

Doesn't smudge, but that's about it.

Already lost a lot of the curl

Lashes don't seem lengthened

Lancome mascara looks knobby on my lashes

Volumizes and lengthens a little, doesn't smudge, but loses curl.

One coat, lashes don't look super impressive.

Lost 60% of curl.

Curled + mascara vs uncurled..... big difference?  I can't tell

I suppose for reference, here are some pictures of my lashes without mascara:
Uncurled lashes

Opening eyes really wide after curling

Curled lashes, opening my eyes like normal

More Battle Mascaras to come.  Just let me get through these 2 tubes... 
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