March 03, 2012

Product Review: Merle Norman Day Creme with HC-12

Hi All,

Today I'm going to do a product review on the Merle Norman Day Creme with HC-12 that I've been using in my current skincare routine.  My Kindred Spirit gave me this product for a Christmas present back in 2010 but I finally got around to using it in late 2011. 

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Product Claims and Description:

For Normal to Dry skin types.
Natural botanical complex of 12 hydrators and skin conditioners including Coneflower, Shea Butter and Evening Primrose Oil keeps skin beautifully hydrated throughout the day. Worn easily under makeup, it helps restore skin’s natural moisture balance while helping maintain elasticity.

Keeping Skin Hydrated Throughout the Day
YES!  In the winter I feel as if this product does a magnificent job of keeping my skin hydrated even while being exposed to drier, colder air, and heaters.  It goes on a little thick and heavy, but it absorbs completely into my skin and dries smooth.  I wouldn't wear this in the summer because I think it'll be too heavy for my skin.

Worn Easily Under Makeup
Yes.  In the winter, this product eliminates any dry patches I might have so my makeup usually goes on smooth.  In the summer I might expect to see some makeup slipping and sliding around my nose and chin.

Restores Skin's Natural Moisture Balance
I'm not sure how to measure that but I will tell you that my skin hasn't felt too dry nor too oily all winter long.  

Maintaining Elasticity
YES!  Since using this product from late autumn to present, I've felt as though my skin has gotten a little bit more firm than before.  Well, maybe I'd use the word "supple."  My cheeks feel like they bounce back after I tap them.  Don't be misled though, I'm not talking about dramatic changes here so don't think a 30-year-old's skin is going to feel like a baby's bottom.  I'm just talking about my skin feeling like it did at 26...maybe 24 pushing 25.

Other Notes
I have to say that this product doesn't have the most pleasing smell to me.  It kind of smells medicinal and old, like something from 2 or 3 generations ago.  However, the scent disappears after the product absorbs into your skin so it's not a big deal.  Anyways, for how well it works, I think it's worth the smell.  ^_^

Would I purchase this product on my own?
I definitely would purchase my own for winter-time use and only once I finish going through all the other moisturizers I've amassed.  Those two things are really the only things that are stopping me.

I hope you found this review helpful.  If you have any questions, please leave me a comment.  Thanks for reading and have a great day!


ELIN said...

HC-12 sounds like a refrigerant, lol

Kusanagi said...

Haha! I think the marketing directors behind some of these products like to use long names or abbreviations or both! How are you doing, by the way? I haven't heard from you in a long time!

Linh said...

Great review! I'll most likely look into it next winter! =)

Kusanagi said...

Let me know how it works for you! Now that some strange semi-hot weather has hit SoCal, I've noticed that my face is a lot more oily when I use this. Luckily, I'm nearing the end of it and can move on to gel-type moisturizers in a day or two!

ELIN said...

saw your brother at Ajisen yesterday, ha!

Kusanagi said...

Haha, he told me he saw you too. He said you were with a group of girlfriends. ^_^

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