November 22, 2011

Sisley Paris HYDRA-FLASH Formule Intensive


with Beta-hydroxyacid, essential oils, and natural plant extracts.
My aunt in Taiwan introduced me to Sisley a couple years ago.  At the time (in my early 20s) I was pretty clueless and didn't appreciate this brand at all.

Now, nearly a decade later, I want to make Sisley part of my skincare routine.  

When I went to Taiwan this past September, my aunt was saying that she used this product for her hands and she suggested that I do the same if I were in the habit of washing dishes without gloves.

So, I started using this yesterday when I was in Los Angeles, then on the plane, and now in Chicago.  First of all, let me preface that WHERE you are has a big deal to do with the efficacy of products.  Let me tell you my impressions.

Los Angeles
This moisturized my hands just right!  My skin didn't feel dry and even started to look less weathered.  I'd put this on once and my skin would be good until I washed my hands, and then I'd have to reapply one more time.

It seems too light!  Chicago is a full 20 degrees colder than LA and the heaters suck out all the moisture from my skin.  I've been sitting at my desk in my heated office and I've had to apply this on 4 times already and my skin still feels it could use more.

I'm sure that this product can also be used on the face but I don't think I'll have enough to use on the my face at the rate that I'm using it on my hands.  If only used as a hand moisturizer I can't justify repurchasing this product because cheaper products (Vaseline, jojoba oil, any heel cream) will work just as well.  If I'm lucky enough to get another sample, I'll use it on my face and update this post with how this product works on facial skin.

Have a great day!

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