July 05, 2012

Fourth of July Outing

 Hi Everyone,

I hope you all had a great Independence Day holiday, for those of you in the USA. 

Mr. P and I celebrated the day by going up to the Mount Wilson Observatory and taking a view of Los Angeles and surrounding areas.  I finally was able to get a collage maker on my phone, so yay!  More interesting ways to post pictures!!

Anyways, these pictures were taken at the peak of Mount Wilson.  The Observatory was closed, but that's okay.  We did something that is inspiring us to either take up mountain biking, or join the Sierra Club.

 Mr. P is a tall fellow.  In my daily life, I don't come across a lot of people or things taller than him.  So it was really nice to see him have to tilt his head up to look at something (mountains and boulders) taller than him.  It really puts into perspective how small we are to the world and how precious our existence on this planet really is.

I thought this collage was rather artistic.  Mr. P looking over the views.  What was amazing about being at the peak of Mount Wilson was seeing the marine layer over Los Angeles and actually seeing the curvature of our planet!  I have a renewed appreciation for our life here on Earth.  We really are one in a million (or maybe more!) to be on this planet, in this solar system, in this galaxy, in this universe.

I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday and are looking forward to another great month!


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