February 11, 2012

Battle Mascara 6: Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus vs CoverGirl Exact Eyelights

I think this is my new favorite mascara!  It does everything CG Exact Eyelights does and does them better...except for the sparkles.

When I compare the overall effect of retaining lash curl throughout the day, both mascaras perform superbly well.  My lashes retain their curl throughout the entire day and even through evening workouts at the gym.  Smudging is at an absolute minimum.  I've been using the MM Lash Expander Frame Plus without using a primer and the raccooning at the end of the day is so faint that I'm not bothered by it at all. 

Regarding the overall effects of making my lashes visible from a comparable distance through volume and length, I have to give a lot of points to Lash Expander Frame Plus.  The formula has these little hair fibers in it that stick to your lashes and add volume and length.  It doesn't matter if the hair fibers go on straight or not when you apply it with the flat side of the wand because the fibers straighten out when you comb through your lashes with the curvy side of the wand.

However, because the wand is so uniquely shaped, I feel that the propensity toward clumping is a lot greater with Lash Expander Frame Plus.  When I compare how Exact Eyelights performs with regards to clumping, I feel that CG wand performs a lot better to keep my lashes separated.

Finally, with regards to removing mascaras at the end of the night, you should know that I do not use waterproof eye makeup remover!  I use my all time go-to makeup remover and face cleanser, Johnson's Head-to-Toe Baby WashCG Exact Eyelights leaves my lashes crisp and crunchy, like old-fashioned hairspray.  MM Lash Expander Frame Plus doesn't make my lashes as crunchy.  But both are demmed hard to remove!  Essentially, I wash my face 3 times and rub my lashes with J's baby wash each of the 3 times to remove the mascaras.  My hypothesis is that if the mascara is so hard to remove, then it's going to stay put and not smudge all day long. :)

Here are some close up pictures of my lashes.

My lashes are naturally short and not helped by my thicker monolids.  However, I'm converting my thought patterns that it IS possible for my lashes to be visible!  It IS possible for my lashes to look not just good, but REALLY good!  :-D

Here's a FOTD to finish off this post. 

This is what the actual eyeshadow looks like.

That's it!  Hope you all have a great weekend!


Ari said...

you just compared my favorite HG mascara (MJ lash expander frame plus) to a drugstore mascara and rated them almost exactly the same! I might have to go and try the CG eyelights!

Kusanagi said...

LOL! I can totally understand why this is your favorite HG mascara! It's amazing! Majolica Majorca just released a new mascara called "KING" something. That looks interesting but the wand is a traditional bristle wand. I'm not sure if the mascara formula would work well with that type of wand... Have you heard of that new mascara?

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