October 24, 2010

Coffret D'or in 03 / Visiting Mr. P in September

Aren't these colors beautiful?  Like jewels!

I bought this palette from Sue Lynn for completing a 100-mile run.  She had this on her blog sale a couple months ago and when I saw it, I knew I had to have it.  I was so afraid that other people would buy this but thankfully I finished the 100 miles and immediately placed my order.  hehehe!

This is the look I created with the Coffret D'or 03 palette and using only cotton tips.  I can't read Japanese, so it's pretty self explanatory if I just call this the green palette.  I wore this look to go see Mr. P in September.  ^_^

For this look, I used the lightest powder shade as an all over wash from brow to lash.  I found that the best way for me to wear such a rich shade of green (dare I say emerald?) is as a liner.

I used the green shade on the inner half of my eye lids.  I kept my eyes open and marked just above the lash line.  This way I know how far up to bring the colors so that they'll still be visible when I open my eyes.  I filled in the area from the marks down to the lash with the green.

With the darkest shade, a gray slate color, I again marked just above the lashes with my eyes open.  I connected the dots and shaded in a very elongated outer V.  

The area between the ">", I filled in with more green.  This way, when I open my eyes, it looks like green and gray slate liner.  ^_^

Fore the lower lash line, the green is too pretty to give up, so I lined the bottom 2/3 from outer to inner with green.  I went back over the outer 1/3 with the gray slate shade.  And I used the glitter cream liner (which has blue sparkles) in my inner tear duct.  

Again, no mascara for me.  



ELIN said...

how do you do a 100 mile run?? And how come I never see you wear this?

Kusanagi said...

I wore it for a bit in the summer in Dallas. I'm a creature of habit and I get lazy with changing up my routines. ^_^

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