October 22, 2010

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

I think Vaseline makes some of the best stuff ever.  It's lasted for generations and will probably last for many more generations to come.

As the winter and dry air sets in, I find myself returning to this staple in my beauty and skincare regimen as a body moisturizer.  It is so versatile and works in so many different ways: moisturizer, treatment, lip conditioner, DIY projects, and even insect repellent.  I believe that this petroleum jelly is noncomedogenic because it's refined to cosmetic grade.  The trick to using Vaseline as a moisturizer without feeling like you dipped your body in oil is to use it sparingly.  Like makeup, it's easier to build up rather than slather on too much and try to take it off.  It absorbs easily and provides a protective barrier between my skin and dry winter air.

And this is so inexpensive, too!  I believe this cost me around $5 or $6 for this 13 ounce jar.  Anyways, there's not much more I can say about Vaseline that hasn't been said before.  This is a product that deserves more love than it gets.  

***For use as insect repellent: swipe Vaseline along the crack where the insects are coming in.***


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