April 14, 2011

Swatch Fest 04: Tarte Jewelry Box Lip Glosses

So, I think these are my favorite lip glosses to date.  They're moisturizing, long-lasting, have great color payoff, and they don't feel thick or sticky on my lips.  The glosses that came with my Tarte Jewelry Box have some colors that are just not my taste (color-wise, I mean), so I like to mix and match a bright color with a neutral color to create a tone down red/pink, or an amped up neutral shade.

I depotted my Tarte products, but you can see the original packaging in this here post.  :-)

All Tarte Lip Glosses kept in this UNII palette.

Glosses are numbered here because they don't have names.

No flash.

With flash.

Gloss 1

Glosses 2 & 3

Glosses 2 & 6

Gloss 4

Gloss 5

Gloss 6

Gloss 8
I don't normally wear glosses 3 and 7 alone because they're too brown for me.  So I like to mix them up with the neighboring brighter colors.

I like these glosses a lot.  I hope the Stila lip glazes are just like these.  ^_^


ELIN said...

all da colours of the rainbow in pink

Kusanagi said...

LOL, I suppose so. You should give some a try, especially when you looked the way you looked when you came over! You looked really good! Do you make yourself up every day now?

ELIN said...

that Dior gloss I had on is my fav because it's minty too and gives me a cool refreshing feeling; I have another Dior gloss with more of a sparkly but deeper color, which I don't like as much, especially since it doesn't come with an applicator....but I will use that one when the minty one runs out...and I will be very sad...haha shows how much I know about makeup calling them minty and sparkly and things instead of the proper names

ELIN said...

ok just checked- the minty one is "Lip Maximizer with collagen activ" and the one I got before that with sparkles was the "Dior Kiss". I think I recommended the first one too you too but you say that minty things can make you break out in hives or rashes as I recall.

ELIN said...

i don't wear makeup all the time...like I don't wear it to work for instance; if I wear it will be if I'm going out and hoping to impress someone or cuz I'm feeling down and need some sparkles in my life...or my face, lol

Kusanagi said...

haha, yeah, my lips have old-age-allergies.

I think you should doll yourself up more. You looked really really good when you came over. Mr. P concurs.

You should practice with eyeliners because your eyes are double lidded and can handle the look very well. Also, if you don't feel like doing the whole face, I believe eyeliners will give you *oomphf!* to your eyes, which really are unique and very very pretty!

Kusanagi said...

Use the stuff I bought for you!

Anonymous said...

Lovely shades.

send gifts to pakistan

Kusanagi said...

@Fatima Thank you!

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