April 09, 2012

I really really want....

I think I'm strong-willed enough to hold out on making more skincare and beauty-related purchases.  Mr. P and I had a long chat about saving money for real-estate, which, in the grand scheme of things, is just the right thing to do for our future. 

But it doesn't stop me from really really really wanting this!

This line of skincare I found on Sasa's website (under their clearance section).

                                                           Maybe it's their calm pink color?

                                     Maybe it's their packaging?

              Maybe because it's Japanese?

                                                              Maybe because it seems organic and natural?



                                                                                        Maybe.........  ???

I don't know why but I really really want to try this line out!!!!

I'm venting right now because I know that I am not going to make this purchase until I cut down on my current skincare stash.  At least not until I'm on the last of my moisturizers, UV SPFers, toners, cleansers, base makeups.  And with how much I've got, it's going to take a loooooooong time.

Question:  Have any of you ever been in this dilemma, where you want to buy something you know you shouldn't?


Ari said...

I face that dilemma daily.... haha

Kusanagi said...

LOL! I hear ya! Will power is the only thing that is stopping me from splurging right now. Good luck to you!

Linh said...

OMG, I deal with that dilemma every single day. I don't have any willpower and I think you've probably noticed that about me already. haha.

If I was in your position, I would've just got it already, but major props for not getting it since you don't really need them... I really need to work on that! lol.

Kusanagi said...


Lol! Well, I can attest that this isn't easy! I am using a little more product on my face these days just to get through them! haha!

Good luck!

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