May 10, 2012

Finished! April 2012

Shower Gels
I don't know the brand but these (gifts from my Kindred Spirit) shower gels smells so good!

Stila Lip Glaze in Merry Merry

I'm a little disappointed that all I managed to finish up were these 3 items.  But I suppose it's okay because I'll have more to report on at the end of May!  ^_-

Thanks for visiting my blog! 


Ari said...

There's no need to be disappointed! lol I am so happy to read empties posts! Lip products are hard to finish so that there is a great achievement! There are always stubborn products that refuse to die... I been working on two of those for months! haha... You can always work on smaller size products or samples and such. =D

Linh said...

It's better something than nothing, imo!

I've never finished a lipgloss before! =(

neilsonmario said...

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Kusanagi said...

@Ari: Yeah, lip products are so hard to finish! I think what it was this last month was that I skipped my usual routine a couple nights, meaning, I was so lazy I just took off the makeup and did not follow up with anything else. YIKES!! @0@ Good luck on your 2 lippies!!!

@Linh: LOL, yeah. On May 7th I managed to finished another lip gloss! Yay! I was working on it for the past month and a half! LOL! I think that when you finally finish one, you will feel like it was a momentous occasion! ;-)

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