June 02, 2011

Oops! Mascara Smudge

5pm, end of day mascara smudging

NYX Doll Eye Waterproof Mascara
Mr. P made me laugh while I was putting on mascara and that resulted in some mascara smudges that looked like vertical bars on my eyelids.  My quick fix: ring finger and dark eyeshadow.

You can't really tell in the top camera phone quality picture, but the dark eyeshadow was actually visible even after opening my eyes.  I simply covered up the mascara smudges with eyeshadow and no one was the wiser all day.  If you look closely, you can still see the individual smudges, but c'mon, who is going to stand 2 inches away from your face and point it out?

To date, I haven't found a brush I'm totally crazy about to do my eye makeup.  I still prefer my ring finger to apply eye makeup as I have total control over the entire process.

Have a good day!

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