August 09, 2011

Montagne Jeunesse Crystal Mask

Hi Everyone!  Today's post is going to be an impressions post because I didn't use this product long enough to feel confident in a quality product review.  So I'm going to just give my first, second, and third impressions of this mask.  First, though, a couple of descriptive pictures for your viewing pleasure.

My Kindred Spirit in all things gave this to me last year for either my birthday or for Christmas.  But I've only just finished using it up this year.  For me, one packet is good for 3-4 uses.

Regarding the claims of this mask making my skin smooth, radiant, and sparkling, I'd have to say: YES!

Okay, I'm not made of metal or glass so it's kind of hard for me to say my skin is sparkling.  However, my skin does feel smooth and radiant after using this mask.  I think the salt or sugar crystals in this mask really help with exfoliation (I only wish there were more crystals to cover more surface area), and the ingredients in the gooey mask are very hydrating.

All in all, I really enjoyed using this mask and wouldn't mind getting my eager hands on more of these.  ^_^

Thanks for reading & have a great day!

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