August 03, 2011

A LOT of Goodies!!!

I'm so happy!!!  My order from Sasa finally came through and MUCH sooner than I thought, too!  I thought I'd wait until I got home to open up the box but I couldn't wait!  I had - HAD - to open it up right away and see with my own two eyes exactly what I had bought.  Maybe I'll do some product reviews of these products in the future.  ^_^

Anyways, I thought it would be a good time to go over my skincare and beauty collection and see what I have used up and what I've collected.  As some may recall, I moved from Texas back to California at the end of 2010 and did a quick take on my ENTIRE beauty and skincare collection when I was packing.  Here is an update of what I posted in that post.

Now, the old stuff:

And now, the new stuff:

*Aaahhhhh!  I can hear angels' voices!  Okay, and now the detailed view of such happiness:

Real... Gold... Foil...  *waahhh!*  $_$

Can you see the gold inside the gel???  $_$

Aveeno was from Target.  Sisley Ecological Compound from Mr. P.  *weee!*
 Yes, product reviews on a lot of stuff in the near and distant future!!!  ^_^

Thanks for stopping by!

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