March 13, 2012

TonyMoly Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack

March 13, 2012                   *Impressions Post*

Hi Everyone!  This isn't a product review yet because I've only used this mask a handful of times.  I am just so excited about this mask!

It's supposed to detox your skin, whiten, and hydrate.  According to the sales lady, this is the #1 best-selling product in their store and in Korea.  *I'm only repeating what she said.* 

I bought this with my cousin in Taipei at the beginning of the year.

Side note: I can't believe how fast time flies!!

Anyways, we got this together and I told her I would blog about it as soon as I could.  However, I haven't had a lot of time for masks so I've only used this a handful of times.  Therefore, I feel as if I don't have all the facts for a detailed product review.  But when I do feel ready to do the product review, I will update this post, okay?

I think the packaging is extremely cute.  I will keep this tomato even after I finish all the mask in it and use it for something else.  Maybe storing jewelry or something else.

Please excuse my blemishes.  Regular readers know I have been battling with some allergic reactions to certain skincare products.

May I direct your attention to how my face looks like it turned white?!?!  It looks like my skin got bleached!  There is a difference between white and pale.  White is white, and pale is your natural color but lighter.

While I do enjoy the idea of whitening products, I also want to see a gradual progression towards paler skin.  I don't want to look like I got White-Out slathered on my face.  LOL!

So, without flash, this is what my skin looks like after using the mask.  It looks natural but a little whiter than normal.

So far do I like this mask?  Yes and no.  I like the packaging and I like the hydration. 

Do I like the whiteness?  Not really.  I would prefer a more natural progression towards lightening my skin. 

But is it effective?  Hands down, yes!


Ari said...

a friend of my gave me some samples of this massage cream she got in korea. I will definitely be trying this out now! Thanks for the review!

Linh said...

OMG, the packaging is so adorable!

The fact that it looks like your skin got bleached frightens me for some reason!

Kusanagi said...

Hi Ari! You're welcome! Please let me know how it worked for you and how you like it :)

Kusanagi said...

Hi Linh! Yeah, the tomato is cute! I want to get the ingredients listed out to see what might be in it that causes the whiteness.

ELIN said...

you might want to take a look at this missy!!

Kusanagi said...

Awwww, man!!!! It would be terrible if I got the first generation mask. I don't know which one I got!

Mad About My Skin said...

Thanks for your review! I also tried a sample of this and wrote a review on my blog. I got my sample this summer and it's the same as yours. Some photos have the massage pack with seeds/beads in it.. I think that's probably the first generation formula?

Kusanagi said...

@Mad About My Skin
Mine definitely does have some beads in it. I never figured out if it was undissolved powder for the mask or if it was supposed to be part of the mask. Anyways, like you, I've lately been experiencing some irritation with it, so I can't keep it on for the full 10 minutes. My friend posted a link to an article on the 1st gen mask a few comments up. You may want to check it out, too. :)

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