March 17, 2012

Kogi Korean Taco Truck

Last year at about this time, the rage was to track the famous Kogi Korean Taco Truck.  Part of their advertising campaign was to NOT advertise where they would be.  You needed to track them via Facebook or Twitter to find out where they were last seen.

Anyways, Mr. P and I were able to get our hands on Korean-Mex fusion foods when we moved into our first apartment together.  Kogi Korean Taco Truck was right there at the leasing office!  Of course, we could NOT pass up the opportunity.

This is some sort of kimchi pork burrito.

Kimchi enchilada

Spicy pork taco (left), and spicy beef taco (right)
It was so tasty and so spicy!  It really was awesomely delicious but the spiciness burned a hole in my stomach.  Not literally, of course, but that's what it felt like.  It's too bad that we never saw Kogi Korean Taco Truck again.

1 comment:

ELIN said...

would you pass by a free food truck dinner event?

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