September 23, 2012

Dior Eye Designer - China Airlines Beauty Collection

Hi All!

Mr. P and I just got back from our trip last night but I couldn't wait to blog about this palette!  I also have some pretty exciting news and very special pictures to share, which I will upload separately a little later on.  This post is going to be on the Dior Eye Designer palette.  :-)  When I saw it on the China Airlines Sky Boutique magazine, I just knew I had to have it.  Why?  Because it has parts to groom eyebrows!

When we were in Taiwan, we took some professional photos and had to have hair and makeup done.  After going through that, I realize how amateurish I've been with my makeup, especially brow grooming.  I also believe I need to invest in double eyelid tape now, too!  It's not because I feel any different about having single lidded eyes, but I've seen my own transformation through the "power of makeup" and really wish to be able to recreate the look my makeup artist did.

Anyways, above is the little booklet that came with the palette that shows you ways to put on this makeup.

The looks pulled off with this look end up being smokey eyed.  I can pull the look off with monolids and I can probably do better when I have double eyelids.  The shadows are really long lasting even without primer.  The darkest shade in the shadow trio is a little powdery.  The best way to use that one is to layer it on the outer V.

The eyeliner is in a wax/cream form.  It smudges when you rub it, so it's not waterproof or smudge-proof at all.

The brow wax is just perfect!  I'm trying to recreate the perfect brows Jade (my makeup artist for the photo shoot) did.  My rendition still needs work!  It's pigmented, can be layered on, and the wax helps hold my little brow hairs in place.

The palette and Diorshow Extase mascara comes cutely packaged in this pouch.

Overall, I'm really happy with this purchase.  Haha...  I'm having too many makeup items that I can't get through, but this was the one and only makeup item I bought.

I saw several new comments on previous posts, which were preset to publish at certain times, so I'll start replying to those comments in a little bit.

Stay tuned for the China Airlines Beauty Collection on Skincare!!




Gummy said...

Ok, what is double eyelid tape?? That little set is so darn cute & looks like super wearable colors!! I've been feeling the same about my eye makeup too...after watching YouTube video after video it makes me feel rather inadequate & I'd really love to learn how to do a great smokey Asian eye but I think I need a hands on lesson. Ha ha :-)

Linh said...

Great purchase, Carol! All the colors suit your skin tone really well!

Kusanagi said...

@Gummy Double eyelid tape is a thin piece of tape you use on your eyes to give you a the double lidded look. I'm going to post a before and after photo of myself so you can see (but it's part of the special post, so maybe in a few more days).

I know! I think I would pay a little to learn how to do my eyes in a nice way!

Kusanagi said...

@Linh Thanks! The colors are so nice and neutral. But I've since learned the eyebrow wax takes more precision. I can't go heavy handed or my eyebrows will look painted/tattooed on... and shiny, too! :/

total12 said...

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