September 17, 2012

August/Sept. Skincare

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Hi All!  How are you all doing?

I've lately been feeling a lot more comfortable in my skin and have been going to work without any foundation on my face. I think the money I spent at the spa is worth this new confidence in my skin... I can't afford to go every weekend so will be scaling back my appointments with Tiffany to every other week beginning October.  *sadness*  Why is beauty so expensive?

Anyways, this little collage shows my August and part of September's skincare routine. I'll be switching up some items during my travels. 

The first time I blogged about the Clarisonic Mia2 I said that my skin couldn't handle the brush (white brush head) every day. Since then I've replaced the brush with the softest one (baby blue brush head) and am okay to use it every day. 

I'll probably blog about the other products later if I haven't already, so stay tuned. OR... Feel free to request an update or a review of any of these products.

Of course, I forgot the picture of that T&J Acne Cream for spot treatment.  But anyways, you get the gist of the rest of my routine, right?

Take care, everyone, and have a great one!

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