May 04, 2010

Product Review: Bare Escentuals BareMinerals Matte Foundation

... in Fairly Light with SPF 15.

You can check out the website and the link for bareMinerals here.

1. Absorb excess oil and eliminates shine without drying skin.
2. Clinically proven to deliver "skincare benefits" that dramatically improve the appearance of your skin. 
3. Their patented RareMinerals ActiveSoil Complex helps promote cell turnover while protecting skin from environmental damage.

My history with Bare Escentuals started back in 2009.  I bought a Paul & Joe Whitening Emulsion from a website I don't remember anymore and they snuck in a sample of the original (not the matte) formula that looked very pale on my skin.  I originally did not like that particular bareMinerals foundation with SPF because I always felt like something was blocking my skin from breathing whenever I wore it.  

Fast forward to the summer.  A new Bare Escentuals store had set up at the mall.  I just wanted to go in and see, not buy, what they had.  The ladies in there were very nice despite my instinctive nature to distrust them.  Anyways, I forgot exactly how the conversation started, but when the lady found out I have an incredibly oily T-zone, she suggested the bareMinerals Matte SPF 15 Foundation in Fairly Light.  This, she explained, would best suit my skin tone.  Silly me, I didn't even know what my skin tone was!!

I did not try using this product until several months later, after I moved out to Texas and it was apparent that I'd be doing a lot of traveling back to California to see Mr. P.

My opinion on this product...

... I LOVE THIS!!!!

In terms of the claim to control oil and provide a matte finish all day long, when I use this product, I feel as if the slick oil shine is somewhat subdued and I'm left with a dewy glow after more than 5 hours of wear without blotting.  After 6 hours of wear, I should blot because the dewy glow enters slick oil shine territory.  But all in all, it evens out my complexion without looking fake or cakey at all.  And it's true, a little does go a long way!  If I do remember to blot, I have noticed that a little of the foundation wears off on my blotting sheets, or even napkins, but that's to be expected.  I'm just really glad that the entire face doesn't come off when I blot.  LOL.

In terms of dramatic improvements to the look of the skin, I believe that any foundation will do that.  It's the "skincare benefits" part that has me a little skeptical.  First of all, Bare Escentuals marketing campaign is vague about what this ActiveSoil Complex is and are also vague on what "skincare benefits" are.  But I do have to admit that when I use bareMinerals Matte Foundation, my skin does feel silky to the touch.  It's a very smooth, supple, healthily moisturized silky feeling.  I'm not sure if bareMinerals is wholly responsible for the better-than-average condition of my skin right now, or if it merely plays a part in conjunction with my skincare routine.  So, test it out for yourself.

As far as the 3rd claim about cell turnover and protecting skin from environmental damage.  I'm not sure about the scientific explanations (if any) or the science behind those claims.  However, I do believe that if a product has color and SPF in it, it should be able to protect your skin from some environmental damage.  But judging the dewy glow I get after the 5th hour of wearing this foundation, I have to say there may be some truth to the claim.

I forgot to mention that this also works very very well as a concealer for me!  Essentially, I take a bit on a concealer brush (any small, stiff brush) and buff in onto the spot that needs to be concealed.  The coverage is medium-to-full and feels really light.  

I'm not sure how Everyday Minerals will work, but bareMinerals Matte formula works well for me.  ^_^

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