April 01, 2011

Product Review: Olay Definity Color Recapture in Light/Medium

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It will take 8 weeks to correct the look of dullness, discoloration, brown spots, PLUS fine lines and wrinkles.

EDIT:  Updated 4/1/2011

I've started using this again this Winter/Spring as a tinted moisturizer.  I have to retract some statements from my intial "review" from May of 2010 (see below).  It doesn't feel so sticky on my face anymore, nor does my skin seem to be producing excess oil.  I have to conclude that the difference between my first time using this product and this time is the climate.  My initial "review" took place in Dallas.  My current review takes place in Los Angeles.

SoCal climate:
~Current temperature 89 F

Northern Texas climate:
~Temperature then 85-95 F

Correct the look of dullness, discoloration, brown spots, fine lines and wrinkles
This is a tinted moisturizer and provides a sheer coverage to even out the skin tone without caking too much color on my face.  I haven't noticed an under-the-surface improvement to my skin.  My sun spots and fine lines are still where they are, but just layering on a pea-sized amount is enough to even out my skin tone.  So, I'd say this is a surface fix rather than molecular or cellular improvement.

Would I repurchase this?
For the convenience of having SPF, a little bit of anti-aging, and tone correction, I would repurchase this product but only use it in a climate like SoCal.  I wouldn't use it in a humid environment.

For my initial "review", keep reading.

I'm going to do something different with this Product Review entry for Olay Definity.  What I will do with this entry is to provide periodic updates as I go along in my usage of this product.


Today is the first day of using Olay Definity Color Recapture in light/medium.  I just HAD to write this down right now.  Upon first pumping it out on my skin, I noticed that the product looks very very pigmented.  It looks like a foundation but with gel consistency.  It smells a little like sunblock, but that's to be expected because it has SPF 15 in it.  The smell doesn't bother me as much because it fades over a short period of time.  The packaging is nice because it is an air-powered pump bottle that I believe is more hygienic.

Putting it on my face though, the coverage of the pigments in this moisturizer is very sheer, but it does even out the skin tone just a tiny bit.  Clearly, my spots are still visible, but I don't look as blotchy.  It feels nice and moisturizing.

HOWEVER, my face has been sticky since I put this on.  I layer my DDF sunscreen over my moisturizers so if this Olay Definity product is not absorbing into my skin, it surely will also make my sunscreen even stickier.  So my face has been really sticky all day today.  It was sticky when I put on my bareMinerals matte foundation, which subsequently made my brush sticky as well.  I have been producing a copious amount of grease today.  I've gone through 3 blottings since 7am this morning and the time right now is 4:35pm.  Each of the blottings have used up 5-6 sheets of my e.l.f. Shine Erasers.

I haven't yet determined if it is the product or the heat and humidity that is making my face feel sticky and greasy, but I don't recall having a sticky problem when I was using Olay Regenerist Regenerating Serum.  I especially don't recall having to blot 3 times within the span of 10 hours when I used Olay Regenerist as my moisturizer.  I will keep trying this out and we'll see if the stickiness is just a factor of the climate here rather than the product itself.

One hour to midnight.  I cannot use this product in the summer.  It is this product that is sitting on top of my skin and making my skin feel sticky.  I don't know if this is the "dewey" effect, which I think is beautiful on many people.  However, I'm unfortunate to have such greasy skin, and this product is drawing all the grease out of my skin.  I have never been compelled to wash any product off my face after work as I have been with this product.  I washed my face at 6:30pm this evening, and have just rewashed at 10:45pm.  So much grease from my face that when I splashed water on my face to wet it my hands also came away greasy.  >_<  I am so unhappy!

Of the reviews I've read, this product may be suited for drier skins.  Reviewers with oilier skins agreed that either this product may have broken them out or caused excessive grease.  I will have to save this for my winter skincare routine.  I need to go back to the store and repurchase the Olay Regenerist Regenerating Serum, which at least helped control the oil for longer than this Definity Color Recapture product.

It seems like today is the only day I will use this product.  Sorry, Olay, my skin is not agreeing with this product.

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