April 06, 2011

Product Review: Chanel WHITE ESSENTIEL Light Reflecting Whitening Compact Foundation SPF 25 / PA+++

I bought this on a China Airlines flight a couple years ago and have only just begun to use it.  It's one of the few luxury products I own so I've been using it sparingly to make it last.  But I've lately enjoyed its porcelain effect on my skin that I've started using this every day.  Plus, the SPF is a great thing as we move from Winter to Spring.

Here is the product blurb for the Chanel White Essentiel Light Reflecting Whitening Compact Foundation SPF 25/PA+++.

Specially designed for Asian skin, the new generation WHITE ESSENTIEL range features a formula that is more effective than ever:

Enriched with a whitening active ingredient (a Vitamin C derivative), WHITE ESSENTIEL compact foundation intensely brightens the complexion while leaving it perfectly even. It prevents and reduces the appearance of dark spots and smoothes out the skin texture. The presence of light-reflecting pigments helps capture and diffuse the light: face imperfections are concealed for a lastingly radiant complexion.

As soon as it is applied, the micronized airy texture of WHITE ESSENTIEL caresses the skin and leaves it exceptionally soft to the touch.

The result is immediate: the complexion is discreetly mattified. The presence of silica microbeads (absorbent action) prevents undesired shine on the face. The makeup result is semi-matte and radiant.

All day long, the skin is protected (SPF 25/PA+++).

Skin brightness and purity are protected from harmful sun rays and harsh external conditions.

Tip from the creators
Apply the foundation to entire face with a dry sponge for natural powdery makeup. This practical foundation can be refilled easily

Let the review begin! XD

Brightens complexion
While I wouldn't say that this product has brightened my skin on a molecular level, lightly dusting this powder over my tinted moisturizer has added a slight luminosity to my skin.  I'd call it a porcelain effect, where the skin looks a bit translucent and bright in a healthy way.

Prevents and reduces the appearance of dark spots
I haven't noticed any significant reduction in the appearance of my dark spots.  Since this is a powder foundation, it does offer some light coverage to obscure the pigmentation of the dark spots.  But at the end of the day, the dark spots are still there, looking the same.

Leaves skin exceptionally smoothe to the touch
Yes, it does!  Mr. P has commented that my skin also looks smoother and softer.  Dare I flatter myself by suggesting he may have also been trying to say more radiant?  ???  I believe the smoothness factor is part of the porcelain effect.

Silica microbeads prevent undesired shine
Initially.  There's no getting around that I have some powerful sebaceous glands in my skin and no matter what I use, I will always have a shiny and oily T-zone by 1pm.  That said, this compact works great for those with oily skin because it tones down the shine and turns it more radiant and glowy.  But on dry or overly blotted skin it is a different story - it just looks flat matte with accentuated lines.  *ergh!*

If your skin is:
Shiny-----------Radiant/Glowy-------------Matte--------------Flat Matte
Chanel will tone it down ONE notch to the right.

Final Verdict
I would repurchase this if I had the money.  I like that the pan is deep (est. 0.25 in. deep).  It works for my skin and I would recommend this to those with similar skin types.  ^_^

***Product reviews are 100% my opinion and based on my experiences with the product.***

A little glowly and radiant, not too shiny,
and natural skin still shows through. :-D

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