March 27, 2011

Date with Mr. P in Little Tokyo!!

Now that Spring is here, I've been in the mood to experiment with brighter colors like oranges, pinks, and greens.  And there is no better time to experiment than on dates with Mr. P.  **hehehehe!**  So, today we took the train to Little Tokyo in Downtown for some ramen and shopping.  I used my Neutrogena Healthy Skin Blends blush on my cheeks and eyes to achieve a peachy pink and orange eye look.  I lined my eyes with dark gray shadow with green sparkles. 

FOTD for my date with Mr. P!

We had ramen in Little Tokyo then walked to Fashion District.  We passed by this store that sold some NYX products and when I saw the prices my heart JUMPED. FOR. JOY.  NYX jumbo eye shadow liners for $2.00 each!!!!  False eyelashes for $2 - $3!  And mascaras for less than $7 - $8! 

Mr. P bought these for me for $13 total!!!
This store also had some really dramatic lashes with feathers and neon colors.  I told Mr. P that maybe those lashes would be better for Halloween.  :-)  The common theme, of course, was that everything was super affordable. 
I'm trying on my my 118 lashes right now.  The only thing Mr. P and I can say right now is, "Wow... It's different!"  Mr. P took pictures of me wearing the falsies.

Was not able to successfully bind my real lashes to the false lashes.

A little glue is showing, but that's okay.  This is my first time.  :-)

Not bad for my first attempt at wearing falsies.  Many thanks to my favorite Youtube gurus for showing me how to apply falsies, and many many thanks to Sue Lynn for this video that I remembered all year long!


ELIN said...

you should show Michelle; she has been wanting false lashes for a loong time

Kusanagi said...

You can forward this post to her, if you want.

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