July 28, 2010

New discovery on the uses of Aspirin!

Let's discuss the use of uncoated aspirin!

1.  Pain relief from headaches and menstrual cramps (but must be careful not to take it too frequently as aspirin damages stomach lining)

2.  Aspirin mask as taught by Jen from Frmheadtotoe and Michelle Phan (good for pimples)

3.  The NEWEST discovery is that this serves as a scrub in your face wash!  I've reverted back to Johnson&Johnson's Purpose cleanser because I really love that it is very gentle in terms of chemicals and it seems to remove all my makeup (even mascara!).  So last night, I dissolved one aspirin tablet in my palm with a few drops of warm water, added one pump of the Purpose cleanser, and washed my face.

4.  Spot treatment for pimples

It felt so good and clean!  Exfoliation plus pimple control all in one, and cheaper than Neutrogena's grapefruit scented acne scrubs and cleansers.  Multi-purpose too!  Okay, that's it for the ramble!

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