October 21, 2010

Coffret D'or in 05

This beautiful palette is Coffret D'or in 05.  I can't read Japanese but I think it's pretty self explanatory if I call this copper or bronze.  I bought this palette from Sue Lynn when I had finished running 100 miles.  I'm waaaaayyy overdue on my next 100 miles, btw.  

I used the gradate method with this palette.  I was actually surprised by how well the copper color blends into my skintone.  It's a little hard to see but it's perfect for a more dramatic, yet still wearable, office look.  ^_^

The gradate method works very well for me.  I use the top shade as an all over wash from brow to lash.  I put the copper shade from the hollow of the socket to the lash.  For the darkest slate shade, I kept my eyes open and marked just above my lash line.  This gives me an outline for how far I need to bring the color up so that it's still visible when I open my eyes.  Then I shade everything between the marks and the lash.

Because the copper color is so understated, I didn't use it on my lower lash line.  I used the slate to line 2/3 of my lash from outside in, then I used the center glitter cream liner (the one in the square) for my inner tear duct

Mascaras and I don't mix well, so no mascara for me.  


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