October 03, 2010

Product Review: Jill Stuart Powder Foundation SPF 15 PA++

I am reviewing the Jill Stuart Powder Foundation SPF 15 PA++ in 103 today because I've really put this foundation through a rough test.  Essentially, I wore this to go see Mr. P's sister in Louisiana.  Her home is roughly 340 miles away, which is a 4.5, 5. or 6 hours drive depending on your speed, the frequency of pit stops, etc.  Because this was a round trip, I have spent 11.5 hours of my weekend driving.

Jill Stuart is a brand of cosmetics that is available only in Asia (hence the reason I say Asia has the best variety of great products).  Apparently, in terms of powder foundation, Jill Stuart offers THE Powder Foundation, as well as a Smooth Silk Powder Foundation, and Moist Silk Powder Foundation.  I believe the sample I have is of THE Powder Foundation.  This brand's website is not obvious in the first Google search, so here is the link.

I only have a sample that Sue Lynn sent me a while ago, but I'm sure it has not lost any of its efficacy.  Also, the reason why I bring up the sample bit is that the packaging of my product is not the same as the full sized product.  So, judging by the picture above and by the opinions of other beauty gurus, Jill Stuart has a keen focus on quality of product AND packaging.

Anyways...  On to my review!

What I really like about this powder foundation is that it comes in compact form.  Unlike bareMinerals, this powder foundation is easy to carry around and travel with.  We all have our own preferred methods of application, but what I like about Jill Stuart's Powder Foundation over bareMinerals' Matte Foundation is that JS's comes with an application sponge.  This means that for travel, on the go touch ups, convenience, JS has one up over the others.  

Unlike cream-to-powder foundation, the Jill Stuart Powder Foundation is a real powder with excellent coverage.  I wouldn't say it is full coverage, but it is definitely a medium coverage or above.  In my experience, cream-to-powder foundation has the potential to become very cakey because it is easy to over apply.  I suppose that there is the potential for every foundation to be over applied, but I can't see how anyone could make the mistake of applying too much of JS's Powder Foundation.  If the coverage doesn't give it away, then the matte finish would give you the idea that there is foundation there.

And unlike liquid foundations, the benefit of this powder foundation is that because it already is a powder, you don't need to dust it off with a finishing powder.  

I applied this over the highest parts of my cheekbones, forehead, nose, and chin because in the pan it looks like it has some sparkles.  It's not full out glitter, but it definitely doesn't look like it would be matte on the skin.  However, when you do apply it to the skin, it goes on matte and sets to a satin finish so you get a nice fresh and dewey glow.  On my cheekbones, this is okay.  On my T-zone, this is not okay.  Jill Stuart's powder foundation does not absorb oil as well as my Physician's Formula pressed powders.

Regarding texture, I really like this powder foundation's texture.  It's powder, as I've stated, but the texture is very smooth.  I suppose the only way I can describe it is that it's a powder that is creamy on the skin.  It doesn't feel drying like some powders can feel when you first apply it.  And, although it is not recommended to touch your face after putting on your makeup, the skin feels a lot smoother where I have applied the powder foundation.  

How did it last on the drive to and from Louisiana?  Excellent.  Other than for shine in the T-zone, which is a problem created by my overactive sebaceous glands, the powder foundation lasts a long time.  In fact, I have gone through a couple of blottings now and my skin stills looks fresh and even-toned as when I first applied it.  

How do I rate this?  In terms of "very highly," "it's okay," or "I'll use it up and not buy it again," I'll rate this very highly.  I think that I will do my best to keep this in mind for my next batch purchase of cosmetics.  ^_^

I'll link my FOTD here for Jill Stuart Powder Foundation reference.

That's it!

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