November 19, 2010

Natural Vitamin C Brightening Mask

My home-made orange peel powder.

Mmmm!  Chobani Greek Yogurt is so tasty!

For the mask, this yogurt could be too thick.

A little too thick, but effective all the same!

I normally like to do all my masks at night so that I can sleep with the serum(s) on throughout the night; however, I think this mask is great for the mornings.  Not only do you get the benefits of low-cost, all-natural brightening mask, but you get some time to eat your morning yogurt as well.  ^_^

Benefits of this mask:
Brightened skin
Moisturized skin
Softened skin
Luminescent skin
Refreshed skin
Cooled skin

For my mask, I used only the yogurt part of Chobani's Greek Yogurt, which is really thick.  I have also used Yoplait's strawberry yogurt with similar results.  


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