November 16, 2010

All-natural calming toner

Just as I have received a new SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, I discovered a new way of using my lavender essential oil with what is left of my TN Dickinson's witch hazel.  The irony of trying to use up the inexpensive products so you can use the expensive product, only to find that you want the inexpensive product.  LOL.

1 tsp witch hazel
3 drops lavender essential oil

This makes for an all-natural toner that soothes and calms you to face the day or unwind from the day.  The lavender oil is surprisingly not greasy and has a cooling sensation on the skin as the toner gets absorbed.  This natural toner is more hydrating that witch hazel alone, is easily absorbed into the skin, and prepares the skin for serums and moisturizers that come after the toning step.  Personally, the scent of lavender essential oils always reminds of the spa and getting facials, so this is a plus for me!

The witch hazel at Wal-Mart costs around $5.00.  The lavender essential oil at Whole Foods costs between $7 and $11.  This will last a lot longer than a bottle of SK-II Facial Treatment Essence because there is so much witch hazel and essential oil.

Note:  This toner is not limited to lavender oil.  I have mixed and matched with tea tree oil and rose oil for some interesting toners.  Adding tea tree oil will tingle the face as its antibacterial properties annihilate acne-causing germs!  *insert evil laughter here*  Adding rose oil will moisturize the skin and calm it without the tingle that lavender oil causes and makes my skin feel so soft.  This could be my alternative to pricier toners and essences!  ^_^

2nd note:  Before using any essential oils, be sure to read what they can and can't be used for.  Also, be sure to read when they can and can't be used, i.e. pregnant or not.


Ari said...

I might just get off my butt and try this! haha I have a small bottle of witch hazel I bought at Bed Bath and Beyond and I absolutely can't stand the smell!

Kusanagi said...

Haha, yeah, the smell is not the most pleasant, but it disappears within a few seconds. And it's definitely A LOT cheaper than most other toners on the market.

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