November 13, 2010

SK-II Facial Treatment Mask

Traveling can really take its toll on one's skin.  This week, I went to Las Vegas and my skin suffered with work stress and travel stress.  The only good thing is that I got to see Mr. P for a short time.  ^_^

I was trying to implement a travel plan of taking a mask with me to counteract the travel stress.  However, I forgot to pack my mask this time.  So the moment I got home from Vegas, I tore into my SK-II Facial Treatment Mask.  I don't have a lot of these masks, so I'm sure I can't do a great in-depth review of this product.  However, I will say that this product has impressed me a great deal. 

I am very impressed!!!

I put the mask on and relaxed for about 30 minutes.  I took off the mask and patted the remaining serum (which was a lot) into my skin on the face, throat, and decolletage, then I went to bed.  When I woke up this morning, those fine lines under my eyes and on my upper cheeks were filled.  My face was moisturized without feeling greasy.  My skin felt refreshed!  EDIT:  Also, also!  It's very cooling and refreshing, and my pores are smaller after using it!!!

I like it a lot.  If I finish my other current masks, I will see if I add this to one my of mask wish lists.  ^_^

To read more product information about this mask, click here.

Below is the copy/pasted blurb about this product:

Radiance, Moisture Enhancing Mask by SK-II. Revitalizes. Comforts. Provides intense hydration. A 100% cotton mask that soaks skin with Pitera's fusion of vitamins, amino acids, minerals and organic acids. Immediately replenishes dehydrated skin, leaving it refreshed and cool.


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Calia Yang said...

I haven't tried this mask before...I'm gonna have to hunt for it in my korean market or just order online if they don't have it. thanks for the review!

Kusanagi said...

You're welcome! If you're looking for stronger results, I would suggest the Envie de Neuf platinum cellwhite hydromask as well! ^_^

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