December 29, 2010

Consolidation Proclamation!

Haha, I just wanted a 9 syllable blog post.  ^_^  Maybe I'm going brain dead or brain numb.  :-P

I've been working hard on consolidating my makeup and skincare to prepare for my big move back home, to California!  It was funny that Catalina blogged about having too much beauty stuff this Christmas [read the post here] because it coincided with my packing up my beauty stuffs and yelling to my family, "Why do I have so much junk?!"  Luckily I bought the UNII palettes when I did, even though I think they're too small [read review here].

The following pictures are my entire collection of makeup and skincare products.  Since I'm in packing mode, I'm going to divide my collection into what I use every day, what I'm taking on the road, and the stuff I'm packing away.  I did have a lot of individual packages, palettes, and compacts, but I've worked real hard to consolidate a lot of it.

The everyday stuff & what I'm taking on the road
I broke off a couple chunks of the Basis Sensitive Skin Bar and
put them in an empty hair mask jar.  I'm taking this on the road.

For makeup and hair, this is ALL that I'm using currently and
taking on the road.  I've had that wooden comb since 1995!

All of these products fit in that little bag (gift from KS).
I'm taking these on the road.

I also use these everyday but these are the products I'm not
taking with me on the road.

The stuff I'm packing away
All my pressed powders (e/s included) fit in this mochi box!

My prized possessions: Chanel powder foundation compact and
Lancome Glamour on the Go palette

I couldn't fit everything into my UNII palettes, so I stacked 2
layers of e/s in my Sonia Kashuk travel brush palette.

I kept the packaging of the UNII palette.  One of them holds
my magnets and thumb grips.

This UNII resides in the other UNII packaging to keep the surface
from getting scratched.

Inside, I put palettes and pans that contain cream shadows
or cream eyeliners.  If the UNII were bigger, it'd be perfect.
Of course, I can't forget the Tarte Jewelry Box.
I can put a lot of my excess makeup and skincare products in
this cute bag I got from my friend's store.

These are all the lipsticks that I own.

I'm storing my brushes in these Ecotool bags.

All my loose powders and such also fit in the cute little bag.

Base makeup.

Skincare and masks.  I'm going to try to stuff these in the bag
but I'm sure I'm going to need a box for these.

That's it for now.  I may add more to this post.  Thanks for reading!  ^_^

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