December 16, 2010

CL2425's Nana inspired eyes / Lancome Glamour on the Go

...mmmm...  The formatting for this blog is totally off.  I dunno how to fix it!  

I'm always on the lookout for new ways to dress up my monolid eyes.  My eyes are such that I often think lining the upper lash line, or tight lining, or mascara is futile at best.  Sometimes, I trick myself into believing there is a difference.  :-P

Today, I was really happy to see this video from CL2425.  Not only is she amazing with her makeup application skills, she is also very pretty and down-to-earth.  Anyways, this video tutorial is/was so inspiring that I immediately went to copy the look with what I had.

This is my take on CL2425's look.  

I really like this look!
I could have brought the purple shade higher.
Ahaha, some minor fallout at the top of my cheek.

I used only 2 shadows from my Lancome Glamour on the Go palette.  
It's supposed to look like a luggage tag.  ^_^
The pink and cream colors shadows are so smooth and silky.
The black shadow has shimmer and is hard to make a dent in.
The purple shadow also has shimmer but is soft.
The blush is perfect for my skin.  
The lipsticks are drying on my lips, so I wonder if they could double for cheek colors?

Here are some comparison pictures.  The right side is inspired by CL2425 and the left side is my faded neutral work makeup.  
I just did the Nana inspired look over my work makeup.
My work makeup is so faded that it's as good as gone! 

Haha, posing here with one eye done and the other eye not!  ^_^

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