December 20, 2010

Stila Contouring Trio / Visiting Mr. P in November

I won this palette from a contest hosted by the wonderful Sue Lynn (get to know more about her on her blog and youtube channel) back in March/April this year.  This is post is long overdue and I am determined to get this done before next year!

Stila advertises that this Contouring Trio has multiple uses, which there are.  This palette and trio of colors can be used to contour and highlight your face in day and night settings.  These shadows can also be used as eyeshadow.  May I also suggest a brow shader?

I'm really fond of this palette because there are a couple of looks I can do with it and the colors are neutral and appropriate for any occasion one wants to look natural.  One thing I've noticed is how cheek products, when used as eyeshadows, never crease on me, even without primer.  

E/S look: All over wash
This look is achieved using this brush.  I'm sure any soft brush will work.

Apply the middle shimmer shade all over the lid from lash line to eye socket.  Use the tip of the brush to apply the lightest shade to the brow bone and inner tear duct for nature highlights.

Apply darkest shade in swirling motions on the outer corner of the eye and sweep inward.  Line and curl lashes, apply mascara if desired.

This all over wash is my preferred look with this palette.  I have also tried the flick and wave method with success.  But for ease and time, I stick with the all over wash.

I took this palette to visit Mr. P this Thanksgiving.  He complimented me on my all over wash eyeshadow look and was very impressed with the high-tech, built-in LED lights.  I used the darkest shade for brow powder and realized that in natural light there are orange and reddish hues in it, which looked odd against my dark brown hair.  I was also able to use this as a contour for my nose, although nothing was said about how my nose looked.  The best part was, of course, that Mr. P said I looked pretty.  ^_^

I'm sorry to say that the darkest shade cracked during travel.  :-(

Smile On!

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