December 27, 2010

Product Review: UNII Palette / Depotted Shadows

UNII palette in snow

UNII palette in pomegranate

Company website:

Product Review
The UNII palette is a an "easy to use makeup palette that holds all your favorite makeup in a beautiful and sturdy case."

There are times when you really have to have something.  Most times, if you just wait it out the urge passes.  This time, I wasn't patient and I made an impulse purchase of 2 UNII palettes. If I could do it over again, I would have bought 1 UNII palette and a large Z-Palette.

The UNII palette is everything the company says it is - it is portable, sturdy, beautiful, convenient, and all the enthusiasm over it is well-founded.  But I have mixed feelings about this.  I really was expecting something bigger than this.  I think this is about the equivalent size of the new Samsung Galaxy.  I can fit my essentials (sample sized powder foundation, MAC blush, some eyeshadows, and an eyebrow powder) in one palette.  However, fitting the essentials to minimize the amount of products you'd take while traveling (as I'm about to do) means that variety will have to be sacrificed.  One could argue that you could take 2 UNII palettes while traveling, but that would defeat the purpose of minimizing how many things you're packing in your travel bag.

Not very big...

However, the UNII palette is great for traveling.  If you pack your essentials and have room for different eyeshadows, you would have the perfect total face palette.  The palette is sturdy enough to handle the rigors of travel.  I cannot stress enough that this palette is very well made with quality materials.  A lot of thought and effort went into product design and focusing on customer needs.

UNII palette score: B+
The reason: I really wanted a storage device for my mish-mash of eyeshadows and individual makeup items.  The UNII palette is too small for that.  I think the Z-Palette would have been more appropriate for storage because it's bigger.

However, if I had bought the UNII palette for the sole purpose of traveling, I would give it an A+

*** This product review is my opinion of the product.  Take it for what it's worth - no one has to agree or disagree with my opinion. ^_^ ***

I think the packaging was changed to cut down on costs...

The magnetic strip was not pre-cut into strips.

Depotting Shadows / Stuff

Asian shadows were a breeze to depot.  American or Western shadows were a total nightmare!

This is my first palette with my favorite neutrals and season appropriate blush.
Instead of carrying around 5 + brow powder, I get to carry around 1 UNII palette!

Palette Cemetery

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