February 02, 2011

Product Review: Korres Yogurt Cream

1.35 oz, $32.00 @ Sephora
Korres Yogurt Cream is a velvety moisturizing cream for oily and dehydrated skin (yes, it is possible to have oily skin that is dehydrated).

Ultra-soothing, oil-free cream for long-lasting hydration and comfort to oily, yet dehydrated skin.  Yogurt, a natural source of lactose, proteins, minerals and vitamins, instantly hydrates and relieves dry skin areas.  Vitamin E, Olive oil and Macadamia provide essential antioxidant protection.  The naturally-derived, xylitol and glucose complex binds water molecules and restructures the cells of the epidermis.

Contains Yogurt (full fat 10%), Wheat Starch, natural vitamin E, Olive oil concentrate, Macadamia.

Dermatologically tested; Silicone free; Mineral oil free; Propylene glycol free; Ethanolamine free.

Recommended usage: after cleansing and within 6 months of opening.

Ultra-soothing, oil-free cream for long-lasting hydration
This cream feels good on my skin for a night cream.  It moisturizes without feeling greasy.  It absorbs into my skin and feels light weight.  It sometimes feels like it doesn't moisturize enough but I wait 30 minutes and then everything is okay.  It lasts throughout the night for me.  I haven't had any reactions, such as redness, sensitivity, acne, to this product.  Hopefully it stays that way!!!

Instantly hydrates dry skin
When I first start blending/massaging this into my skin it feels smooth and rich.  Then the product starts to get absorbed and blending starts to feel like I'm tugging on my skin.  Once product is fully absorbed, my skin feels hydrated without the usual greasy feel that products with mineral oil can impart.  This product feels like it gets half absorbed into my skin and the other half sits on top of my skin to provide a barrier between my skin and the outside air.  It dries to a very smooth, non-sticky finish.

Restructures cells of the epidermis
Hmmm...  I honestly don't know what restructured epidermis cells look like, but I've noticed some improvement to my skin.  My skin looks a tiny bit more luminous and smoother, fine lines seem to have stopped developing into full blown wrinkles, my forehead looks a bit more youthful, and my skin seems to be more even toned.

I am not fond of jarred products.  The glass jar is nice, but I'm forced to dip my fingers into this jar to get the product out.  One slip-up and this product is contaminated, so I'm forced to be extra vigilant about what I touch before opening this jar.  I'm also not happy with the amount of product in relation to price and the minimum amount I have to use to feel like this product is working.  I feel as if I have to use a nickle-sized amount to get good coverage on my face and neck.  For that usage amount, I will definitely run through 1.35 oz and $32 too quickly to feel good about purchasing a second jar for $32 + tax.

I would definitely use this product again but only if they either increased the amount of product or lower the price for the current amount of product.

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