May 24, 2012


Hi All,

For the past couple of weeks now, I've been complaining to Mr. P that my hair has become so unmanageable in every way since I got it colored.  Fed up with the tangles, the dryness and brittleness of my hair, I decided to cut it short.  I was able to cut off 4-5 inches of my hair.

This is the final look.  It is a bit shorter than the style I wanted to go for, but it'll grow out in no time and I can have my regular stylist cut it to how I want it to look.  

I think most of the dyed strands will have come down my to ears by the time September rolls around.

I'm having some formatting issues with this post, so I'll just leave the pictures for the bottom.

Thanks for reading!


Los Angeles 2012 - gosh, 15 pounds really does something bad for my figure and posture!
Dallas 2010 - this was the original cut and style that I was trying to recreate.  I was much thinner back then!  *weeping*


Linh said...

I like it! I've been debating whether or not I should cut my hair short as well. I feel like my hair is so unmanageable, but my face is too round to have short hair! =(

Kusanagi said...

@Linh I heard that if you grow out your bangs and have them frame your face you can get the slimming effect. I think you can pull it off. ^_^ If you decide to cut your hair, I definitely want to see the finished look! :D

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