February 19, 2011

DIY tinted lip balms

Turning unusable lipsticks into useable lip balms.

As you can see from the side bar, I have a lot of lipsticks.  True, I don't have A LOT in comparison to other beauty gurus on Youtube, but I don't want to keep a collection of lipsticks that are unflattering on my lips and skin tone.  These lipsticks costs me money and I don't want to keep these for another couple years and then toss them out.  That's money wasted, which gets on my nerves.  So, my solution is to turn them into lip balms.

Now, I'm allergic to lip balms.  This only happened in the past 4 years that I've developed a reaction to lip balms.  So I have to use Vaseline or petroleum jelly.

Today's target: Revlon Moisturestay in Perfect Pink # 45.

What I went ahead and did was to remove the lipstick from the tube and melt it in an aluminum foil sheet over a candle.  I added a scoop or 2 of petroleum jelly (the number of scoops depends on how sheer or opaque I'd like my balm to be).  I stirred the melted lipstick and petroleum jelly then poured it into my little container.

Looks very pretty in the bareMinerals sample jar.

It looks pigmented in the picture but it's actually very very sheer.  It provides just a hint of color.  

And there you go:  DIY tinted lip balms made with lipsticks you bought but don't use.

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