February 13, 2011

Product Review: Z Palette

I received my Z Palettes in the mail!  I'm going to break with tradition and do a product review on this product.

8" x 5"

Not very deep.  May be a problem for some taller pans.
 My inital thoughts:
1.  Why do these things look so big online but are so disappointingly small in real life???
2.  Wow! This is a lot heavier than I thought. It has some real weight to it.
3.  It feels nice and sturdy. The clear plastic lid isn't flimsy, but it's not a stiff as the UNII palette.
4.  It doesn't look as deep as the UNII palette, so I can imagine for e/s with deeper pans this could be a problem.
5.  Magnet closure is strong. Wonder how the steel plate will handle the Adhes-A-Mag sheets.
6.  How sucky! It the palettes didn't come with a complementary sheet of magnetic sheets.
7.  Can not, will not, should not put cream products in Z Palettes.  Can not, will not, should not put this in a highly humid area. There are gaps between the lid and the sides of the palettes.

Z Palette and UNII palette compared.

 ***Read my UNII Palette review here***

Compliments of Mr. P.

Since the Z Palette doesn't come with a sheet of adhesive magnetic sheets, Mr. P was kind enough to give me his.  The difference between Adhes-A-Mag and the adhesive magnetic sheets that come with the UNII palette is that the magnet from Adhes-A-Mag is a lot thinner and not as strong as the UNII magnet.  However, for the purpose of having my e/s packed and crammed into the Z Palette, this works.

The steel plate on the Z Palette seems like it could be an alloyed metal because it doesn't seem to attract the magnets as strongly as the steel plate in the UNII palette.

The magnets that keep the Z Palette closed are pretty strong.  However, there are gaps between the lid and the sides, especially if you have taller pans.  My solution was to put the taller pans in the center, where the lid has a little give, so that the lid could close as best as it can.  I dare not put any cream products in the Z Palette because they'll dry out.

Would I repurchase the Z Palette?  I actually will be making a purchase for my 3rd palette because I need one more to accomodate my Tarte Jewelry Box's depotted products, so YES!  However, I believe that the Z Palette is good for powdered products (as long as you don't store it in a humid area), and storage purposes.  For travel and even my daily use, I prefer and trust the UNII palette more. 

I'm still working on depotting the Tarte Jewelry Box, but when I'm done, I'll put the link [here].


ELIN said...

you are palette crazy

Kusanagi said...

Space is a valuable commodity in Los Angeles. I have to do what I can to consolidate and free up space. LOL!

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