March 14, 2011

Product Review: Skin Nature Facial Treatment 100% Collagen Extract

Before I stopped using the term "HG" to describe much beloved products (Arthurian Romance and Grail Legend student here - thanks Professor LG from UCI!) this product was the HG of all HGs!  Unfortunately, I don't know where to get more of it.  I've Googled this and I can't find it, which makes me believe it's only sold to spa establishments.  I got my one and only batch from a friend of a friend who knew somebody.

Box lid.  Sorry that the flash is a little strong.

Comes with 5 capsules and 5 caps.

Clear collagen extract.  Three drops is enough for my face and throat.
Product claims
Facial Treatment Extract is your first step in breaking the age barrier and will visibly de-age your skin in 30 days.  This unique works at night to repair sun-damaged skin.  Fine dry skin lines become less noticeable.  Skin looks firmer, smoother, more radiant.  A beautiful younger-looking complexion is yours.

***Please note that if I can't find anything on this product, I'm sure you won't be able to find other reviews for it either.  But if you're lucky enough to find something on it, please let me know!  As always, my product reviews are 100% my opinion and based on my own experiences.***

Visibly de-age your skin in 30 days
How about less than a week?  If I use this as a night treatment, I see results overnight.  If I use this as a day treatment under SPF, I see improvements within the week.

Repair sun-damaged skin
Anyone who has been following my blog knows that I'm worried about the sun spots on my upper cheek bones.  Since I started using my collagen extract again (been rationing it over the years), I have noticed significant improvements to the hyperpigmentation.

Lines become less noticeable
The fine lines on the verge of developing into full blown wrinkles under my eyes fill up and are almost gone.  I love the skin under my eyes... they look like they did when I was a teenager and a young twenty-something. 

Skin looks firmer, smoother, more radiant
With the lines nearly gone, and hyperpigmentation improved, my skin looks firmer and smoother.  It also looks more translucent and therefore more radiant.

I can't find where to restock on my stash.  I can't find this product on line.  The stash I have is really limited.  When I'm done with my last three capsules, I'll be completely out.  ***SADNESS!!!***  The capsules are so small so I don't have a lot of this wonderful product.

If I find more information on this product, I will definitely update this post with where to buy this product because I would recommend this to everyone!  I would pay any price for this product - that is how much I want this product.  If anyone finds out where to get it, please let me know!  


ELIN said...

got to rely on those friends of a friend of a friend; haha


Kusanagi said...

LOL, yeah. I think I could make the event in May at Nordstroms. Are you going?

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