June 27, 2011

Hand-made Soaps & FOTD

I picked up a new hobby recently and have quickly fallen in love with it!  Soap-making is a great avenue for me to explore my dormant creativity as well as trying to make a soap that is good for my skin.  Here are samples of the soaps I've made so far.

The green soaps above are the first soaps I made.  I used a rubber stamp to create designs on the soap.  The exfoliating herbal vanilla soap has apricot seed powder in it for light exfoliation.  The moisturizing herbal soap is made with olive oil to keep the skin soft and smooth.

The coffee soaps above are hand-milled (but I don't think I hand-milled them correctly).  In addition to coffee grounds, I added some jojoba oil for moisture.  This coffee soap is good in the shower and in the kitchen.  The coffee grounds are great with exfoliating rough areas like knees, elbows, and heels.  In the kitchen, the coffee aroma completely eradicate any scent, especially raw meat smells from under the fingernails.  *lol, sounds gross but I love cooking!*

These are my best soaps to date.  I gave one to Mr. P's mom this weekend.  The soaps above are unique because the pink flower portion is rose scented.  The green soap base is jasmine scented.  I have added rose petals throughout the soap for aesthetic purposes.  It also seems sexy to me to have rose petals on my skin.  A "True Lies" moment.  ^_^

Here's a quick FOTD.  I did a simple wash of shimmery brown shadow on my upper eye lids, mascara'd up my eyes, and kept everything else minimal.  It's good to let the skin breathe every now and then.  Mr. P was busy answering a work email on the weekend.  Suck a workaholic!  *I still love him though!*

Does anyone else have a cool hobby?

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