July 10, 2011

A Simple Way to Enhance Monolid Eyes

Hi All!  I'm really happy today because I've uploaded my first ever live video!  It's a video on how to enhance monolid eyes using neutral makeup.  I'm a fan of Youtube gurus Iamgrape1119 and Beautybag411, and I like how they apply their eye makeup, but at the end of the day, my confidence with my eye makeup is totally subjective to my confidence with the application.  Anyways, here's my video.  Enjoy!

Honestly, I didn't have a lot of choices for the picture that would represent the video, haha!  My YouTube page: www.youtube.com/kusanagigirl1

Products used on eyes:
Too Faced Shadow Insurance primer
Tarte's Park Ave. bronzer
Tarte's Soft Pink illuminator
Tarte's matte black pencil liner
Wet'nWild charcoal gray shadow from Lust/Desir Color Icon palette
Maybelline One by One wp mascara
L'Oreal Telescopic wp mascara **

**I will post up my next Battle Mascara in a few days.

This method works for me because I don't have to be too precise with makeup application, which is a plus on busy work days when I'm always running late.  :-P  Anyways, I'm experimenting with ways to apply makeup for my eye shape, but would love to know if anyone else does it differently and how.

Video editing software: Sony's Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11.0

Music by Gackt, "Sakurasou" & "Love letter"


xvmonarose said...

love the mascara battles! have you tried the shiseido perfect mascara yet? @ $25 it's a bit pricey, but it has ended my raccon eyes..

xvmonarose said...

cute video! loved the music choice.

funny. i always WANTED monolids, but alas am caucasian (Polish), and have just regular eyes...

Kusanagi said...

@xvmonarose Thanks for watching! I haven't tried any high end mascara yet but I'll definitely have that on my list. Have you tried Fairy Drops mascara? I haven't tried it yet but I've heard good reviews about the original. ^_^

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