March 16, 2010

Product Review: St. Ives Timeless Skin Daily Microderm Abrasion

This product claims to gently reveal younger looking refined skin and exfoliate.  You can read more about this product here.

This product is what it says, an exfoliator with very fine particles in it designed to slough off dead skin cells.  It's packaged in a tube so that you can squeeze out just the right amount.  For myself, I use an amount of product a little less than 1/2 the size of a quarter (or should I say a dime-sized amount? lol).  Anyways, a little goes a long way!

There is no detectable unpleasant smell to the product, and quite frankly I wouldn't care because it's all going to be washed off anyways.  When I bought mine from, I think I paid between $5-7 USD.  It shouldn't be more than that and a tube can last a long time, even if using it daily.

To use this product, moisten your face and massage a little of this product all over.  The micro particles are very dense...essentially this is the very opposite of the St. Ives Olive Scrub (reviewed already), the one I don't like.  Because the particles are so small and so densely packed, it really scrubs and exfoliates all that dead skin off your face.  What's left after you wash your face is very soft, very smooth, and brightened skin.  Moreover, I find that after using this product my face has a just-had-a-facial glow, which lasts several days!

Now, the product description says that it can be used on a daily basis.  For myself, I find that daily use is a little harsh on my skin; my skin becomes sensitive and stings when I proceed with my skincare routine.  So I use it once or twice every week.

In addition to smoother, softer, and more radiant skin, I have noticed that my acne scars are fading with continued use.  Now, don't mistake my saying so as a promise that this product is designed to fade acne scars because acne scars will naturally fade over time and with the aide of other skincare products.  I'm not sure if this St. Ives product is 100% responsible for this, but I'm pretty confident that regular exfoliation is sloughing off the dead hyperpigmented skin cells, which is why I believe that my scars are fading a little faster.

I consider this to be one of my HG products.  I cannot be without it!  I will definitely repurchase this product throughout my lifetime.

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