December 26, 2011

L'Occitane en Provence Fabulous Serum with Shea Butter

I bought this for Mr. P a while ago because he was concerned with his dry skin.  But apparently, Mr. P has sensitive skin too... so I started using it this winter.  I have got to say that I do like this Fabulous Serum very much!  It's very moisturizing in the winter, and smells a little like vanilla.

This product makes the following claims:
Visibly repairs, instantly smooths and protects skin against harsh conditions.

Mr. P threw away the box a while ago so what I got is off the bottle.  Anyways, I use this as a night-time moisturizer because it doesn't have any SPF.  Since I'm still using Proactiv, I smoothe this over areas that aren't inflamed.  It works really well at keeping my skin moisturized throughout the night without getting too greasy in the mornings.  It also works really well at plumping up my skin under my eyes so my fine lines look lessened.

I wish I had more of this Fabulous Serum (easy name to remember, ne?) and I would repurchase it, but... I won't.  I won't repurchase this only because I have 3 other moisturizers to go through and I don't want to keep them all around.  Haha.  But if I didn't have those other moisturizers waiting in the wing, I really would repurchase this.  ^_^

Anyways, I hope everyone had a great Christmas and are looking forward to the New Year with renewed vigor and excitement!  Have a great week and year!

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