February 27, 2012

Simplified Daily Skincare Routine as of Feb. 2012

Hi All!  I wanted to share my simplified skincare routine that I started using in January and will probably use going into March.  As you know, skincare is something that I enjoy and I find that half the fun of skincare is trying new products.  But as I get older, I'm finding new things to which I've developed sensitivities or allergies.  So the inconvenience of getting older is that I am becoming more conscious and afraid to try new things because I don't want to spend money on products that will make me break out or develop eczema-like symptoms.  Thus, I have had to cut back on what I put on my face in order to keep my skin in balance.

This is all that I'm using for my daily skincare, minus my cleansers.

I am really proud of the fact that what I'm using for my daily skincare fits into this St. Ives apricot scrub jar.  It cuts down on counter space, which in California is a precious commodity and makes Mr. P happy that he doesn't have to look at all my clutter.

I think I will make it my 2012 goal to keep my skincare items contained to this St. Ives jar.  I believe doing this would make it easier for me to use up my skincare products and to keep our vanity clean.

Above:  I filled up this Clinique spray bottle with SK-II Facial Treatment Essence.  This is much more convenient for me as I can get a light mist all over my face, then pat the rest in.  Also, it keeps the product in the main bottle from being too exposed to air.  I use this day and night.

Above:  I put this Merle Normal Day Creme with HC-12 in this SK-II pump bottle.  I will have a review on this product later.  I use this day and night.

Above:  This is the Chanel Precision UV Essentiel I use in the mornings for sun protection.  I will also have a review on this product coming up.

Above:  This Skin Food bb cream is a product that I love to use for winter because it matches my winter skin tone.  As much as I love it, I'm also glad that I'm almost done with this product because I have a lot of bb creams, foundations, and tinted moisturizers behind this that I've got to use up.

Above:  This Garnier roller ball stick is filled with tinted undereye cream.  I originally bought it for Mr. P because there was a time he had really dark under eye circles.  He only used it once at home and then never again.  It's okay because I started using it.  *haha*  Anyways, when I get really lazy or am really strapped for time, I sneakily use this product as an all-over tinted moisturizer.  If I really timed blending this or the Skin Food bb cream, they probably take about the same time, but it just seems easier to roll this over my face like a marker.  ^_-

So, other than following up this with makeup, what you see here is my skincare routine!  Really, really simple!

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