April 25, 2012

PSA: Protect Your Pets!

My dear Readers,

This post isn't related to beauty. 

This post isn't a happy post, either.

That's all the warning I'm going to give.


I was driving on my way home from work when I noticed a couple of red blotches on the road a couple feet ahead of me.  Looking to the left, I saw the source of the red blotches.  A chihuahua-sized dog (I'm not sure of the breed) with a red collar around its neck.  The dog was on its side, clearly not flattened and a few feet away from the red stains, which I now assume to be blood. 

It looked, to me, like the dog was hit, fatally injured and bleeding, and managed to crawl a few feet before giving up.

I can't help but think that this dog belonged to someone, some family.  I can't help but think that this dog must have been loved and gave back a lot of love to its owners.  But now this dog is gone from this world and someone or some family must be missing it.  I can't help but wonder how much pain this dog was in before giving up and wonder if this dog wanted his owners to rescue it.

Please, everyone, PROTECT YOUR PETS!  Remind other pet owners to protect their pets. 

Make sure your pet can't get out, get lost, and wander the streets where a number of bad things could happen to it.  I know that accidents happen, someone unknowingly leaves a door or window open, the pet runs out before the owner can catch it, etc.  But if we all take an extra moment to make sure to the best of our ability that the pet's living area is secured, maybe we'll have prevented another pet getting out and lost on the street.

It just breaks my heart every time I see something like this.  I hope that we can save more pets from this type of tragedy.

Thanks for reading this far and I'm really sorry if I've depressed you.



Linh said...

That is so sad. =( I'm sorry that you had to see something like that.

I always feel sad for animals when I see their bodies lying on the road.

Kusanagi said...

Yeah, it makes me feel like crying each time! We have wild peacocks in the city where I live. They're like the city mascot or the city bird. This morning I honked my horn at a driver on the road who almost ran over one of the flock trying to cross the road. Drivers sometimes! Sheesh!

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